8 essentials to consider when redesigning your n.
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Important Tips for Redesigning Outdated Website - Digital Labz PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Tips for Redesigning Outdated Website - Digital Labz

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Important Tips for Redesigning Outdated Website - Digital Labz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Important Tips for Redesigning Outdated Website - Digital Labz

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8 essentials to consider when redesigning your

8 Essentials To Consider When Redesigning

Your Outdated Website

A website can’t succeed with solely design but needs to be included with all features that enhance

the user experience. It’s essential for the business to give a clear look to the visiting viewers. Still,

there are most of the online business-startups which still lacked behind due to their old presence.

Such businesses are completely away from the reach of latest web-based activities and trends. In

today’s time, it’s very important for the websites to remain updated with all essential modules to

compete in an online industry.

When it comes to redesigning the site, you must make sure about the few essentials that should be

implemented in your updated one:

1. Keep Content Simple & Unique

A website with outdated content can lower the business value in front of the audience. Make sure

your redesigned site must include easy to access content and is helpful in representing the brand

image. Aside from creating simple and unique content, it’s also crucial that the site must work well

on every screen.

2. Right CMS Platform

Another essential thing to consider is to choose the right content management system for your site.

It should make your business to easily manageable when edit, update or added with new and fresh

content. The right CMS selection is helpful in keeping all the information and other copies safe in a


3. Mobile-Responsive

The availability of mobile users is more than the desktop ones, as everyone likes to remain attached

to the Internet all the times. When it comes to redesigning the site, one must ensure that his business

must build to get fit in all screen sizes.

4. SEO-Friendly

SEO is the most important part of every site as it helps in keeping the website engaged with high

volume traffic. One must make sure to include the data that take business to a higher level and truly

benefits the site. While redesigning the site, the focus should be on well-written and accessible


5. Right Images

Your website must give a genuine look so that visitor easily trusts your company. There should be a

use of real photos of the people which are working at your company. By doing so, you can bring

more realism to your brand. Moreover, make sure all the images should be matched with what you

are and with the content you are explaining.

6 proper navigation

6. Proper Navigation

Navigation is the important key that needs a great attention when someone is redesigning a website.

If you really want to improve your websites’ navigation, must consider the streamlined content and

responsiveness in design. Your website navigation should be designed in such a way that a user

easily found the information which he is looking for.

7. Call-To-Action

A proper and well implementation of call-to-action is helpful in making the visitors move on the

further step. Once the visitor lands on your site, they completely don’t know what the further step to

be taken. In order to keep them engaging, it’s essential to add call-to-action to provide with some

sort of direction.

8. Testing

Once your website gets redesigned, the next phase is to test it before making it live. There are tons

of issues which one can experience in his newly made site. With the help of testing techniques, one

gets ensure that website is completely error-free and can gain good value in the online industry.

For your next re-design website, make sure all the above factors should be there to achieve best

user-experience and reliable outcome for the business. It’s true, every business needs an extreme

care and no one should compromise with his brand identity. In order to develop a fully-featured

website, you can hire our professional web designers at DigitalLabz.