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Content comprehensivenessa

Content comprehensivenessa

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Content comprehensivenessa

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  1. Content Comprehensivenessa By DigitalDeeksha

  2. Video Transcription The quality of content comprehensiveness and what that means and why sometimes it can be confusing. I want to use an example scenario of a conversation that tends to go on between SEOs and Google. So here we go.

  3. 1. Intent All right. So first I'm going to talk about intent. I have here a Complete Guide to Buying a House. This is the query I used as an example. Before we dive in, even before we look into keyword research tools or anything like that.

  4. 2. Implications Two, implications. This is again also before we get into any keyword research tools. By implications, I mean what is going to be the effect on someone after reading this? So the implications here, a guide to buying a house,

  5. 3. Subtopics In Moz Keyword Explorer, you can search for different keywords and related keywords two different ways. You can type in a query. So you can type in something like "buy a house" or "home buying" or something like that. You start with your main topic

  6. 4. Questions Then here we go. We have step four. After we've come up with some subtopics, I think it's also a really good idea to mine questions and try to find what questions our audience is actually asking. So, for these, I like to use Answer the Public

  7. 5. Trends Then finally here I have trends. I think this is a really commonly missed step. It's important to remember that a lot of terms have seasonality attached to them. So what I did with this query, I queried "buy a house,"

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