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Surf Excel - World Of Washing Machines

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Surf Excel - World Of Washing Machines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our world of washing machines give handy the tips on how to wash clothes in washing machines promptly and effortlessly. It also helps you in removing stubborn stains from your favorite clothes easily. To get more info visit below link:\n

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World Of Washing Machines

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how to dry your laundry at home

Your clothes may be spick and span after a good long wash in the washing machine, but considering the hot and humid climate we live in, they often take ages to dry. This may actually damage your clothes as long exposure to the sun’s rays and other environmental forces can cause the colour of the fabric to fade. If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to dry your laundry faster, these hacks will come handy. Just follow the below link:

World of Washing Machines

Wash your clothes on high spin

A high-spin setting will remove as much water as possible while the clothes are still in the machine. To prevent damage of clothes due to excessive spinning, opt for a made-for-machine detergent like Surf excel Matic. Because some clothes needs a special care while washing it in a washing machines.

Wring out the water from your clothes

Place your cloth neatly on a towel and then roll the two together with the garment tightly placed inside. Twist the cloth to squeeze out the excess water from the garment. Repeat the process 2-3 times. This will help your clothes to get dry quickly without losing it’s original shape.

World of Washing Machines

Dry it using a blow dryer

After wringing out the garment, turn on your hairdryer to a warm setting and hold it close to your garment. Slowly dry the cloth little by little or spot by spot. Do it carefully so that you don’t damage your clothes by overheating

World of Washing Machines

Hang dry your clothes

After drying your clothes by using blow dryer, hang your garment inside your house on a clothes stand under the fan or outdoors under the sun. This will dry out the moisture still left in the garment, if any.

World of Washing Machines

Iron your garment

The last and final step is to use an ironing press, iron your garment carefully. Make sure you are well aware about your fabric before you sit down to iron your garment. Washed, dried and pressed, you are all ready to sport your clean and neat outfit.

World of Washing Machines