Superior Folding Doors
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Folding doors are the great choice for your home because it creates a \'wow\' factor in your home by providing a new and elegant look to your home. These are available in different types such as bi-fold doors, accordion doors and acoustic doors. In this presentation, we have discussed more about folding doors.

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Superior folding doors

Superior Folding Doors


Maverick Roller Products

Superior folding doors

What are The Folding Doors?

Folding doors fold when opened rather than swinging open. They are ideal

for usage in limited spaces.

Superior folding doors

Types of Folding Doors

Following are types of Folding Doors

 Bi-fold Door

 Accordion Door

 Acoustical Door

Superior folding doors

Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold doors are used in places with less space like closets, laundry rooms

and pantries. They are also used for separating two rooms in a home.

Superior folding doors

Accordion Door

Accordion doors are the easiest way of dividing a space or covering an

opening. These doors are available in different varieties like wood, vinyl

and glass etc. These are the best option for you if you want to divide a

room or to cover an opening.

Superior folding doors

Acoustical Door

An acoustic door is solid steel or wood with an insulated core to achieve

maximum quiet when transparency is not necessary. It possesses a solid

steel or wood with insulated core. A door of this style is ideal for an

examination room at a doctor's office.

Superior folding doors

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