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HK Jewellery

HK Jewellery

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HK Jewellery

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  1. diamond hk The Diamond Registry provides transparency into wholesale diamond prices. We are a major international diamond distributor, serving thousands of jewelers and diamond dealers worldwide.

  2. diamond hong kong We are the diamond industry's source for the finest hand picked certified wholesale loose diamonds and now with our web site, the same low "diamond industry only" diamond prices are also available to the you and the public.

  3. hk diamond Since 1961 the Diamond Prices we provide through our diamond pricing report have helped many people to be better informed about the costs and values of loose diamonds. Knowing the diamond cuts, the wholesale certified diamond prices, you are much more prepared to look for the perfect stone that fits your needs.

  4. hk jewellery

  5. wedding band hong kong Ask for a free quote before looking for any personalized hand made jewelry, wedding rings, engagment rings, yellow diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond rings. Our purchase service can provide you the best diamond prices from the world's leading suppliers, cutters, wholesalers.

  6. diamond hong kong This is why you find a large number of diamond engagement rings with princess cut diamonds in them. A round brilliant cut is much more expensive than princess cut engagement diamond rings as they yield from rough of a round brilliant is much less when compared to the princess cut.

  7. hk diamond The yield of a round brilliant is about 40% while that of a princess cut is about 80-90 %. This means that if you take a 1-carat rough diamond you will be able to get a 0.40 ct polished round diamond or a .80 to .90 carat princess cut diamond. The yield of a princess cut diamond is double of a round brilliant cut and therefore prices of a princess cut diamonds are much lower.

  8. hk jewellery The value of a diamond is determined by the quality grade of each of the 4Cs: clarity, cut, color and carat. As opposed to what many people think, carat is a unit of weight and not size. In fact, the word carat is derived from the Carob seed that was used centuries ago as the standard for weighing precious stones, due to its uniform weight. One carat weighs 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces. However, carat can indicate the approximate size of the diamond.

  9. wedding band hong kong When you have found the perfect diamond, you will able to create your own 2 carat diamond ring. Picking loose diamonds is only part of the process when creating unique diamond rings. Once you have an idea of which diamond would be perfect for you, you will be able to select the type of jewelry you would like to create. Our in-house jewelers have many years of experience and are ready to craft any type of jewelry whether you are looking for a princess cut engagement ring, the retro-modern cushion cut engagement rings, yellow gold wedding rings or any other type of diamond jewelry.

  10. diamond hk