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Jewelry Buyers Austin PowerPoint Presentation
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Jewelry Buyers Austin

Jewelry Buyers Austin

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Jewelry Buyers Austin

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  1. Gem Buyers Austin B&B Diamonds International Your local Austin estate jewelry and diamond buyer since 1997

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  3. B&B Diamonds International maintains a constant commitment to helping our clients make informed and knowledgeable decisions when selling their jewelry. Diamond Buyers Austin There is no immediate test which an untrained person can use to distinguish a diamond from a simulant. Diamond cut glass but so do almost all gemstones. Follow the same rule as above – If a professional declares your diamond fake they will immediately return it to you.

  4. Gem Buyers Austin We are knowledgeable in jewelry of all types and time periods and will answer any questions about a piece prior to and after making an offer.

  5. We buy any jewelry of any description from the 1700s through modern and silver of any description. As with any estate jewelry company, buying gold is part of our business. More importantly, though, we buy jewelry and as such are willing to pay substantially over “spot” for most pieces. Further, when you are selling jewelry which is to be melted we will happily put our offer in writing and allow you to compare it to any of the gold buying businesses here in Austin. Gold Buyers Austin

  6. B&B Diamonds International is the go-to estate jewelry and diamond buyer in Austin, TX. In operation since late 1997, B&B buys jewelry of any description from the 1700’s through the present. Calvin’s Fine Jewelry has the pleasure of working closely with the Estate Buyer who is extremely knowledgeable in time periods & jewelry of all types. Jewelry Buyers Austin

  7. An asking price for a piece of jewelry at which any jeweler would be happy to sell it at any time. Example – The sticker price on a used car. You would typically ask for a better deal but this is the starting point. Jewelry Buyers Austin

  8. Bring in any of your unwanted jewelry for him to examine. He will gladly provide his expert opinion on what it is worth and make you an offer. Diamond Buyers Cedar Park

  9. Message From The Owner I’ve been dealing in diamonds and jewelry since 1996 and B&B Diamonds has been in operation in Austin since late 1997. I know that selling a piece of jewelry can be a trying experience and can be full of uncertainty. Before you start talking numbers, you need to know exactly what you have and that’s where your experience with B&B Diamonds will begin. I won’t ask “what do you want for it”, I’ll tell you what it’s worth and what I’ll pay for it and if it’s amenable to you we’ll make a deal. I’m completely aware that you’re in a strategic disadvantage when selling your jewelry and I’ll never take advantage of that fact. I’m perfectly happy to put my offer in writing and allow you to take it to other dealers to try to beat it. Diamond Buyers Cedar Park

  10. Gem Buyers Austin For inquiries please visit :