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Why Would You Choose a Dialup ISP Today PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Would You Choose a Dialup ISP Today

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Why Would You Choose a Dialup ISP Today - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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dialup isp

Why Would You Choose a Dialup ISP Today?

In today’s world of high speed internet connections and blazing speed you might have thought there were not more dialup ISP companies left. Why would anyone choose a dialup internet account today?

The Reality of the Rural World

People in most of the USA believe everyone has easy access to high speed internet. When you step outside of the cities and town you will quickly find many farms and small towns which do not have high speed services. In these communities a dialup ISP or one who provides satellite based services are the only choice.

You might believe these lower speed connections are not very helpful today. You would be surprised at how effective these services still are. Email does not require much bandwidth and can be uses easily over a phone line. Many websites offer lower speed versions of their sites for visitors with low speed connections. On sites which are predominantly text based a dialup connection is fast enough.

What shocks many people is to discover there are online entrepreneurs who make a full-time living working from small farms and towns which only have access to a dialup connection. They have learned to use the internet wisely and very efficiently.

Dialup ISP


The Low Cost Alternative

Even in major cities dialup connections still remain popular. For many people the cost of a high speed connection is too high, especially for their needs. They may only want the internet for email and simple web browsing. They have no intention of playing online games or watching video content. Their biggest concern is cost.

The cost of a dialup connection from a basic ISP can cost under $7 per month compared to most high speed connections costing $40 to $100 per month. If you are only planning on doing basic internet services why would you pay an additional $400 per year or more?

The Importance of Support

Support is important from any kind of ISP. There has been a troubling problem in technology support over the last few years with many calls heading overseas to support centers where English is a second language. They can be difficult to understand and sometimes have trouble understanding our concerns.

It is important when you are choosing your internet provider to ask where their support is based. The best ISP’s provide their technical support for USA based support centers with staff you can understand.


Increasing the Speed of Dialup Internet

If you are trying to keep your costs low, or live in an area only served by dialup, you might be wondering if there is a way to speed up your connection. Many top-tier dialup internet providers offer an accelerated service. This does not speed up your modem connection but provides you with faster loading times due to background technology running on your PC and their servers. You can often see a speed gain of 10 to 15 times on commonly used websites. You may discover dialup service is all your family really needs.