can obiee be replaced by tableau
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Can OBIEE be replaced by Tableau?

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Can OBIEE be replaced by Tableau? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A lot of organizations are looking towards Tableau and wondering if it can replace OBIEE entirely plus do what Tableau does best. In this presentation, we explore: * What are your options after OBIEE? * Is it possible to replace OBIEE with Tableau? * Should OBIEE and Tableau co-exist? * How BI Connector combines the best of Tableau and OBIEE to allow business users to gain Tableau visualization of OBIEE while repurposing the IT investment in OBIEE metadata model and security model.

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Presentation Transcript
state of obiee customers
State of OBIEE Customers

Frustrated with OBIEE shortcomings

state of obiee customers1
State of OBIEE Customers

Business users are adopting Tableau

state of obiee customers2
State of OBIEE Customers

Latest Visualization

Data Blending

Data Wrangling

Speed of Change

Like-for-like replacement

Searching for an ideal solution

first let us look at obiee s strengths
First, Let us look at OBIEE’s Strengths

Metadata Repository aka RPD!

Also its Achilles’ heel.

the rpd advantage
The RPD Advantage

Common Enterprise Model


Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer

Business Model & Mapping Layer

Business Model & Mapping Layer

Physical Layer


Physical Layer

the rpd advantage1
The RPD Advantage

Well suited for IT led projects

the rpd advantage2
The RPD Advantage

Great for traditional waterfall model





other advantages1
Other Advantages

Good for enterprise dashboards

  • standardized dimensions, filters, and metrics
  • Well suited for a significant portion of enterprise data

Picture of OBIEE RPD

obiee s w eakness speed of change
OBIEE’s Weakness: Speed of Change
  • IT centered
  • Add new data source? Wait for weeks/months

 Business groups build their own offline datamarts

Speed of Change

lack of mash up blending
BIG DATALack of Mash-up/Blending
  • Not possible with OBIEE 11g.
  • Limited with OBIEE 12c, only with Excel.
  • Requires additional license.


New Insights

Not possible with OBIEE



lack of modern visualization
Lack of Modern Visualization


Too Many Clicks

Steep learning curve

OBIEE subject areas only

Visual Analyzer

Too little

Too late

More cost

let s look at tableau s strengths
Let’s look at Tableau’s Strengths

Tableau succeeds where OBIEE fails



Data discovery

Speed of Change

Quick to learn



is tableau a like for like replacement
Is Tableau a like-for-like replacement?

OBIEE and Tableau are fundamentally different tools

Like-for-like replacement is lengthy, difficult, and expensive approach.

Designed and used for different reasons

handling complex data models
Handling Complex Data Models
  • OBIEE RPD can centrally handle complex data model
  • Joins hundreds of tables
  • Hundreds of columns in a subject area
  • Complex business logic built-in

There is no equivalent to this in Tableau

Challenging beyond 25+ tables and 16+ text columns


Hundreds/thousands of reports created over several years

  • Manual redevelopment
  • Time consuming
  • Expensive
other factors to consider
Other Factors To Consider


New Updates

Changing requirements

Development Team

Majority of BI replacement projects are never ever 100% complete

so let us revisit the current state
So, let us revisit the current state



  • Business users love Tableau
    • Purchased Tableau desktop and server licenses for department use
    • Download OBIEE data and upload via excel into Tableau
      • data duplication issues
      • security issues
      • system of record issues.

has invested years and millions into building out the OBIEE RPD, reports and dashboards.

What should you do next?

so what should customers do
So what should customers do?

Recognize the fact there is a need for two kinds of BI tools

Data discovery


Slowly changing requirements


Large data models


Strong security model


“Transient” data

Enterprise dashboards

Self-service BI

What is the alternative to replacement?

Is download and upload the best long term solution?

what is the ideal solution
What is the Ideal Solution?

Bring together the best of both worlds!



what is the ideal solution1
What is the Ideal Solution?

Connect from Tableau to OBIEE.

Reuse OBIEE data model, connect live to it and build Tableau visualizations on top of it.

Blend external data with OBIEE data.

Reuse OBIEE security rules.

Repurpose huge investment in OBIEE + Benefits of Tableau.

introducing bi connector
Introducing BI Connector
  • No Changes to OBIEE, Reuse OBIEE business logic  Cost and Time savings

Secured by OBIEE security model

  • Easy Installation, Information Consistency
  • Best of Tableau + OBIEE

Seamless User Experience

Presentation Layer

Business Model & Mapping Layer

Physical Layer






Reuse OBIEE investment while supporting business need for modern visualization tools.

Win-Win for IT and Business!

  • No OBIEE changes
  • No data migration
  • Easy to deploy
  • Works with 10g,11g and 12c OBIEE
  • Business users love
  • Tableau visualization for OBIEE
  • Mash-ups
  • Speed of change
  • Eliminate Excel exports from OBIEE
  • Secure access to OBIEE
  • Recognize that you need two kinds of BI Tools
    • stable requirements
    • large data models,
    • security – Driven by IT
  • Tableau
    • data discovery
    • visualization,
    • mash-ups
    • transient data – Business user friendly
  • Combine, not replace OBIEE with Tableau
  • best of both,
  • win-win for both Business and IT.

BI Connector can help you achieve this goal quickly.

Download free trial at

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Thank You


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