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Best Wedding Planner in Lucknow PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Wedding Planner in Lucknow

Best Wedding Planner in Lucknow

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Best Wedding Planner in Lucknow

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  1. The Event House

  2. About Us: The Event houseis a decade old company, professionally established on firm grounds of creativity and innovation. Over the years it has been garnered under the harsh days of labor and accomplishment of the projects. At The Event House, it is deeply believed upon “Creative Communication” which thereby leads to innovation and unconventional approach towards each and every couple. Here, we consider in building unique strategies for each projects in order to achieve impeccable result.

  3. How budget becomes the base for any wedding? After the wedding got decided and agreed upon what all gift will be provided from both the sides, Budget places a key role for all these. It is true that budget is where dreams and reality go hand in hand as you tend to prioritize your desire for the marriage. Planning for budget is the crucial role because it involves two families, two sets of priorities and two taste.

  4. Things to keep in mind while planning budget: • Number of guests • Timing of the wedding • Planning for exotic things like open bar, celebrity invites, dances, fire-works. • Destination wedding/Venue

  5. While sticking to budget, wedding is something which cannot be exact according to the chalked out plan. But, still wedding budget is a key stone. When planning for the invited guests, it should be kept in mind that it does not exceed uselessly because it will pressurize your pocket unnecessarily. Nowadays, a trend of wedding planner has shaken the stereo-type wedding which would happen without make a brisk look into the saving for future and emergency uses.

  6. Timing of the wedding should also be selected generously because you want that of your family and friends make it for your wedding. Choose such weather and time which not only guest like but also your bride also enjoys. Remember, the bride-groom attires are heavy as compared to their guests, so choose a equitable climate which does not irritate them with the designer cloths they adorn. After all it is very much special for them.

  7. Apart from timing, planning for exotic things like open bars, DJ’s, fireworks etc and destination wedding or choosing high-class venue may cost you blue. It is very much important to celebrate a healthy wedding and not a competitive wedding style. Remember, life continues after marriage also so keep some for your future too.

  8. Address Ground Floor, Raj Chamber,Rana Pratap Marg, HazratGanj ,226001, Lucknow

  9. Thank You