treatment options in advanced grade baldness n.
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Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness PowerPoint Presentation
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Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness

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Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The most common cause of hair loss is genetic male pattern hair loss. DermaClinix - Hair Loss Treatment options range from hair transplants, FUE, or Bio - FUE hair restoration. Determine the best hair loss treatment option for you.

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Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness

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treatment options in advanced grade baldness

Treatment Options in Advanced Grade Baldness

Hair transplant centre in Delhi drives home the point that they are more effective ways to manage your hair

loss never as before. The Best hair transplant clinics in Delhi have a variety of hair loss treatment for both men

along with women that are formulated to treat permanent baldness. You can classify the treatment measures

into non-surgical options along with surgical options.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Mechanisms

Laser therapy at a lower level- it is normally suggested by the physicians so that the patients can go on to

achieve a full along with newer hair growth without any form of surgeries or medication. The treatment

module works in a manner where hair follicles are tapped and an all hair growth naturally is encouraged.

Prescription Of Hair Loss Medications

This could be in the form of Finasteride that falls under the brand Propecia. It works on the concept that it has

the ability to stop hair loss. But do take into consideration that side effects are pretty common. In addition to

this the medicine is not approved for use by women, that makes it a non-treatment option for women effected

by baldness.

Topical Foam Treatments

In the Best hair transplant treatment in Delhi, this is one of the popular non-surgicalcourses of treatment.

Under the brand name of Rogaine, minoxidil is available. When directed by a doctor it could be used for hair

loss. It would mean applying the foam on your hair for a regular period of time. One of the major advantages of

this form of method is that it is easy. But some patients have gone on to state that this form of treatment is not

that worthy when it comes to hair loss alone. The application of foam can be cumbersome and a difficult task

on a day to day basis.

The Surgical Treatment Procedures

This can be regarded as a highly refined method, where surgeons go on to harvest donor hair from a portion of

your scalp and then transport to the other areas which are thinning or balding. Though the process can be time

consuming and is going to cost you a lot, but with hair transplant in Delhi it is going to provide you with a

natural looking hair.

Strip Donor Transplantation

During this course of surgery, the surgeon is known to remove a certain area of hair follicles referred to as a

micro graft. This is further split into donor grafts on an individual basis termed as follicular units. Then the

surgeon goes on to transplant each follicular unit to the balding areas.

Follicular Unit Transplant

Is one of the popular forms of hair restoration methods, where the surgeon is known to remove the hair of a

patient with the aid of a specific instrument that is only 1 to 2 mm across? This would mean scars in the donor

area are reduced considerably, but red scars are common that is visible to the eye. A cause of concern for sure.

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