deciding the prominence of hair transplant over n.
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Deciding the Prominence of Hair Transplant over PRP Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Deciding the Prominence of Hair Transplant over PRP Treatment

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Deciding the Prominence of Hair Transplant over PRP Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRP ( platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss involves drawing the patient’s blood, processing it in a centrifuge so that plasma rich cell are separated from blood and injecting these plasma cells in the hair loss area. At DermaClinix, we believe that an accurate diagnosis is of utmost importance in treating the hair disorder.

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deciding the prominence of hair transplant over

Deciding the Prominence of Hair Transplant over

PRP Treatment

Baldness is considered as the worst problem because it fetches sarcastic remark on the

person facing the issue. It seems that the society disregards such person and thinks him to be

an outcast. This does not mean that they do not have a solution and get their hair back. Well,

the answer lies in hair transplant and PRP hair treatment. The term hair transplant is all

about taking follicular unit grafts from the donor site and placing them on the receiver side.

It is a slight surgical process that requires the person to be prepared for it well in advance

and consult with the surgeon.

Benefits of Hair Transplant:

The transplanted are your own, which makes it possible to grow naturally.

The hair transplant surgery is safe because it is carried under the supervision of


With this treatment, one gets easily manageable hair that does not require the

application of special shampoos.

The hair transplant solution is a permanent solution for baldness, which makes it

extremely reliable.

On the other hand, the treatment of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is all about creating

injectable plasmas by confiscating a smaller quantity of blood from a patient. Further to this,

the blood is unscrambled into the cellular and fluid-like plasma mechanisms, taking away a

part of the plasma enriched with platelets and inoculating the sample back into the patient.

This is considered to be an ideal option for hair loss treatment because the injectable

solution is responsible for aggravating constant hair growth. This is the reason that PRP

treatment is getting highly popular in today’s time and people are falling for it to get their

voluminous hair back.

benefits of prp treatment

Benefits of PRP Treatment:

Since PRP treatment is powered with blood plasma having natural platelets, and stem

cells; the growth of hair are natural.

Apart from hair loss, PRP is effective for osteoarthritis, trauma injuries and even


PRP treatment is aimed at advancing better healing and hair growth system.

The Comparison Factor:

Considered as an effective treatment for hair loss, PRP treatment is meant to

showcase tremendous results. As a part of the process, platelet rich plasma is

extracted from the patient’s blood because it is rich in growth factors responsible for

hair re-growth.

The process of hair transplant is an effectual method to cure baldness. It is executed

smartly by making use of hair from baldness resistant section of the head and gets

transferred to the bald area for covering up. In fact, follicular grafts are placed from

the donor site to the recipient one.

On an overall basis, hair transplant procedure is highly suitable for baldness and the PRP

treatment is not much reliable for the same. Certainly, the purpose of hair transplant is to

help people fight with the problem of baldness that leads them to social disparity. With

high quality results, the popularity of hair transplant has grown extensively. One thing to

be noted in this section is that the process has to be carried out by an experienced surgeon

for getting desirable results.

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