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Derek Rankins PowerPoint Presentation
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Derek Rankins

Derek Rankins

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Derek Rankins

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  1. Welcome To Derek Rankins Photography

  2. Derek Rankins Hello, my name is Derek Rankins. I am currently the Digitization Lab Manager at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Every day I handle priceless materials for digitization ranging from the mid 1400's to present day.

  3. Derek Rankins Photography I would say that the most important part of a good photograph is the theme of the picture. The Derek Rankins Photography is the very awesome photography that create a beautiful landscape could make a photo really impressive by just having beautiful colours or scenery. Because with technique a simple theme can become an attractive one.

  4. Derek Rankins Photographer A Photographer is a professional that focuses on the art of taking photographs with a digital or film camera. The Name Derek Rankins Photographer is the perfect photographer that have been in photography for over 15 years from maintaining the last existing Kodak chrome processor in Kansas to traveling with a National Geographic photographer to teaching photograph & now digitization. I have digitized or managed the digitization of a large variety of materials.

  5. Derek Rankins Virginia Tech The Derek Rankins Virginia Tech is a professional photographer in Blacksburg Virginia. They use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event. They producing the images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.