Java Introduction
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What is Java and what are the version and how it use from this ppt.For more about Java look at this

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Java introduction trainin

Java Introduction

Free Java Introduction Tutorial Videos for Beginners



Java introduction trainin

Java Introduction- Highlights

  • What is Java ?

  • Why Java is used in Programming?

  • Versions of Java

  • Sample of Java Programming

  • What is Array structure in Java?

  • Sample Algorithm of Java

Java introduction trainin

What is Java?

  • Java is a programming language. It is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet.

  • Designed by James Gosling to have the "look and feel" and developed by Sun Microsystems .

  • Java is simpler to use than C++ and enforces an object-oriented  programming model.

Java introduction trainin

Why Java is used in programming?

  • Java programs are compiled down to a platform- independent language called byte code.

  • Byte code is designed to be run by a program, called a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  • Simulates a real machine Programs, can automatically adapt to specific locales and be displayed in the appropriate language.

Java introduction trainin

What is Array Structure in Java?

Array is a collection of similar type of elements that have contagious memory location. In java, array is an object that contains elements of similar data types. Array is an index based, first element of arrays stored at 0 index.

Java introduction trainin

Sample Algorithm of Java


Set Count 0

Read ch

Java introduction trainin


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Java introduction trainin

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Free Java Introduction Tutorial Videos for Beginners