white coal briquettes manufactured through briquetting technique n.
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White Coal Briquettes Manufactured Through Briquetting Techn PowerPoint Presentation
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White Coal Briquettes Manufactured Through Briquetting Techn

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White Coal Briquettes Manufactured Through Briquetting Techn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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White Coal Briquettes Manufactured Through Briquetting Techn
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  1. White Coal Briquettes Manufactured Through Briquetting Technique

  2. Introduction • At present, most of the energy or fuel providing system emits the carbon and other GHGs in to the air and that is why the global warming effect is increasing day by day. • Therefore, the need to develop such energy system which produce less carbon emissions and provide more energetic, pollution-free fuel.

  3. Eco-Friendly Technique • The biomass briquetting plant is such an eco-friendly technique through which the white coal briquettes is being manufactured. • The coal briquette is being developed to provide a highly economic and low emissions fuel as a alternative of charcoal and fossils in the developing nations. • The briquetting technique involves convestion of the any agro-crop or jungle waste in to the compressed solid briquettes which have approximate 70% calorific value of charcoal.

  4. Briquette Making Machinery • There are several benefits of this type of agro-waste recycling technique. • The waste management is become easy by the briquetting press project. The moisture amount in the briquettes is lesser than the bio waste as the moisture is get removed by applying high heat in to the briquette making machines. • And that is the reason why the bio coal briquettes offer the long burning period.

  5. Continue... • With the higher energy production features, the briquettes are at the top position among all the fossils in the industries.

  6. Good For Rural People • This quality fuel manufacturing method creates significant employment for the people that are living in extreme poverty in rural areas. • Also, the farmers who have agricultural waste can earn by selling such type of waste materials. • Hence, we can see that the biomass briquette press technology is boon not only for the environment but also for the human beings.

  7. Conclusion • Therefore, the briquettes usage and demand is growing in the developing nations. The briquette press is the secure way to save our earth. So, invest in the green alternative technique to meet the emerging energy demands and to save global economy.

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