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Dedicated to People Promotes Palmleaf Engraving

Dedicated to People commenced in the year 2000, in a small village near the Puri district of Odisha.It has been producing the ancient form of Palmleaf Engraving in Odisha on different topics like, Gita Govinda, Krishna’s Life Story etc. It also produces other palm leaf products like Tea Coasters and Canisters.

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Dedicated to People Promotes Palmleaf Engraving

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  1. Dedicated to People Dedicated to people promotes rural craft and craftsmanship, which provides self employment to uneducated and unemployed youths. http://dedicatedtopeople.org/

  2. About Us • Dedicated to People is a non-government organization (leading NGO) in Odisha which provides rural uneducated and unemployed youths self-employment. • It promotes rural craft and craftmanship by producing Pattachitra and Tassar Painting, Palmleaf engraving. • Apart from these, dedicated to people helps promoting of eco-tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism and tribal tourism.

  3. Services We Offer • Dedicated to people successfully offers:- • Pattachitra Painting • Tassar Painting • Palmleaf Engraving • We are also promoting:- • Heritage Tourism • Eco Tourism • Cultural Tourism • Rural Tourism

  4. Pattachitra and Tassar Painting • Pattachitra and Tassar painting is the ancient form of painting of Odisha. • Dedicated to people have been successfully churning out pattachitra painting since the year 2000. • We Prepare ancient form of paintings like Lord Krishna story, mathuravijay, car festival, gitagovinda and many more.

  5. Palmleaf Engraving • Palm Leafs are collected by a special community called “Chamar”. • Our organisation supports them for their sustainability. • We produce different types of palm leaf leaf engravings : Ramayana Mahabharat Chaitanya Life Story Budha Life Story etc. • We also produce other palm leaf utility products like Tea Coasters, Canisters, Lamp sheds, Flower vases and many more home decorative items.

  6. Heritage & cultural Tourism • Dedicated to people promotes heritage tourism, cultural tourism, eco tourism, rural tourism & tribal tourism. • Heritage tourism covers the places like Sun Temple of Konark, Jagannath Temple of Puri, Lingraj Temple of Bhubaneswar, Kedargouri temple, Raja Rani Temple etc. • Cultural tourism involves the promotion of our cultural traditions. Revival of lost folk art, handicrafts & exploring new job opportunities are the essential features of it.

  7. Contact Us Way to Raghurajpur heritage village Puri-752012 Odisha, India 9937810487 Dedicatedtopeople@Yahoo.Co.In Info@Dedicatedtopeople.Org http://dedicatedtopeople.org/

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