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UrbanNaturale is one of the most popular places where you can find all kinds of information about living a healthy, green and natural lifestyle. If you want to live a healthy, green and natural lifestyle you need to do the right things--like eating the right nourishing foods, adding essential herbs, oils and healing foods, supporting your emotional health, hydrating properly, sleeping well, avoiding exposure to toxins, balancing your hormones, embracing holistic medicine and avoiding plastics & thermal receipts, so much more. Visit our site to find valuable tools and information about living an all natural lifestyle for both men and women.

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    1. 5 BEST HEALTHY LIFESTYLE APPS Technology is growing very fast and we are also following the technology. There are hundreds of apps which you can check and track your fitness goal. Let’s explore five of them that can help you tap into some immense lifestyle changes.

    2. 1. 30/30 TIMER You will appreciate this app because it lets you organize your day in 30-minute intervals. The default time is 30 minutes, but you can easily customize your time intervals. Schedule 15-minute breaks during your day just for yourself so that you can regroup mentally. Set up your daily tasks and reorganize them at any time. Daily tasks are color-coded for better visuals, so you can have a clear outline of what you need to do.

    3. COUCH TO 5K We always think about running a race but can’t find the time? You’ll love this app because this app is a beginner 5K training plan with little or no running background, this app will get you off that couch. Each session is about 30 minutes, and just three days a week. For even more motivation, track your time and distance. Challenge yourself each time to go further or run longer.

    4. FITNET Have you ever tried getting to the gym after a long day with the kiddos?  Well, Fitnet is an app designed for people who just can’t get to the gym. Be warned - you have to give this app permission to use your camera. The camera will measure how closely you follow the workout routine. You can do five- and seven-minute target workouts.

    5. LIFESUM The Lifesum app is not just a weight loss app, but one that focuses on creating a realistic approach to maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It can be used to improve your exercise habits and make more nutritional, healthy food choices. Some features it includes are access to healthy recipes, developing a meal plan for your lifestyle, and a community environment where you can stay inspired and motivated. Another beneficial feature is you’ll get feedback on ways to improve the quality of what you eat.

    6. SLEEP TALK RECORDER Adequate sleep is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, adults 18 to 64 years old need at least seven to nine hours of sleep each day. Constantly tired in the morning, but can’t figure out why? This app could help you. Sleep Talk monitors your sleep and tracks any noise you make. Find out if you snore or talk in your sleep. Knowing your sleep quality also can help your doctor determine if you have health concerns such as sleep apnea.

    7. The road to a healthy lifestyle is right at your fingertips. So choose your right fitness app for the fitness and a long-term health goal. To know more about these apps read the blog https://www.urbannaturale.com/5-best-healthy-lifestyle-apps/ Contact:- urbannaturale@gmail.com Thank You