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  1. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! Can I loss weight easily!! If you binge eat, emotionally eat or can’t lose weight.

  2. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! What is Bulimia ? Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by binging and purging. Binging involves consuming large amounts of food in very short periods of time or over an extended period of time. Purging involves getting the food out of the system before it can be absorbed and stored inside the body. Who Gets Bulimia ? Bulimia nervosa begins most often in females of adolescent or young adult age when they attempt restrictive diets, fail, and react by binge eating. The incidence is 2 in 10,000 people. In response to the binges, patients purge by taking laxatives, diet pills, drugs to reduce fluids, or they induce vomiting. Patients may also revert to severe dieting, which cycles back to bingeing if the patient does not go on to become anorexic. The eating binges average about 1,000 calories but can be as high as 20,000 calories or as low as 100. Patients diagnosed with bulimia average about 14 episodes per week. In general, people with bulimia have a normal to high-normal bodyweight, but it may fluctuate by more than 10 pounds because of the binge-purge cycle.

  3. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! Why be Bulimic? Binge eating and Bulimia? The only real difference between bulimia and binge eating is that the bulimic refuses to gain weight. The bulimic’s distorted negative view of their body and intense dread of putting on weight means they have to expel the food as quickly as possible Can Bulimia and Binge eating be overcome? Yes, Can Bulimia and Binge eating be overcome . Some may need the assistance of an eating disorder treatment center. In fact, this disorder may be especially difficult due to the fact that food is a necessary part of life.You can learn how to eat like a naturally lean healthy happy person.

  4. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! THE MISTAKES BINGE EATERS MAKE : Avoid diets and restrictive eating plans: A starved body will naturally have craving that are beyond control, the craving lead to a mental obsession with food that will ends to excess eating at some point, followed by feelings of failure, shame and then starting another diet Avoid going for too long without eating: Eating regular meals and not going too long between meals is essential. There is always the urge to skip a meal and speed up weight loss, but the end result will always be more overeating and a mental obsession that prevents you from being fully present in life. Not having adequate coping skills to manage stress: Another major problem is finding yourself in stressful condition and not having the right coping mechanisms to deal with what is going on. It is essential for you to learn copying skill like therapy ,journal writing, meditation Negative self talk: You my tend to reduce self estimation, confidence, and may even lead to an inevitable desire towards food. The more you be negative towards yourself and your achievement ,you will find difficult to stop binge eating Isolation: Avoiding people and isolating is the may find difficult to stop binge food. This is where the disordered thinking starts and if you are isolated you have no way of controlling

  5. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! Stop Overeating and learn to know what you exactly want When you feel you are going to overeat – Ask yourself: What do I want? – is it the food I starve for right now? If I eat this will this cleanse me or leave me clogged up? Do I really want this food or something else? We have solutions for all your question. We give you training through CD’s and our books • Stop Overeating with the help of Hypnosis and NLP self help recordings CD’s. List of CD’s are as Follows: • Stop Anorexia • Stop Binge Eating • Beat Bulimia • Stop Chocolate addiction • Ditch the Dairy • Exercise and Enjoy It • Lean for Life • Stop Overeating • Stop Smoking, Stay Slim • Weight Loss Made Easy • Overcome Food Phobia

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  7. Freedom from bingeing now. Feel fine with food ! Thank You