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Auto Dealer Online Marketing Can Take Your Website’s Content Strategy to the Next Level PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto Dealer Online Marketing Can Take Your Website’s Content Strategy to the Next Level

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Auto Dealer Online Marketing Can Take Your Website’s Content Strategy to the Next Level - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Since seventy five percent of car buyers say they would purchase a car online, it is a smart idea to improve your auto dealer online marketing.

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Auto Dealer Online Marketing Can Take Your Website’s Content Strategy to the Next Level

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    1. August 3, 2017 Auto Dealer Online Marketing Can Take Your Website’s Content Strategy to the Next Level Auto dealer online marketing is both an art and a science. Some can do it right, while others fail miserably. The problem is straightforward: too many consultants promise instant results when the truth is that Internet marketing, regardless of the type of business, is a long-term endeavor. This means that in order to reap the benefits, you will need to carry out specific strategies systematically. One approach capable of pulling traffic to your website is content marketing. This strategy will boost your search rankings, improve brand trust and awareness, and attract your ideal target market. To fully maximize content marketing though, you will need to work on three key aspects. P a g e 1 | 3

    2. Create Buyer Personas To create content that converts to sales, you will need to have a firm grasp on the buyer personas of your ideal prospects. If you’re like most dealerships, then you probably already have an idea of your typical buyer based on age, gender, and income. Unfortunately, when creating content, this can be a little abstract, so you will need to dig deeper. The good news is you can enlist the help of your sales team to learn more about your prospects as asking these questions are integrated in the selling process. For example, they can ask the reason for which a potential prospect (i.e., 29-year old unmarried woman) wants to buy a car. Through the selling process, they can also learn more about her background and life goals. Better yet, they can also probe on the challenges she faces in securing a new car. Creating a buyer persona around a real person can help in crafting highly targeted content that will specifically address their needs. When writing content, it’s worth it to research the specific phrases that these buyers enter into a search engine when looking for a car and include those in your content. Because of the generation gap, you may find that a millennial may refer to a car in a certain way compared to the baby boomer generation. Because the prospect will feel that you intimately understand their concerns, there is a higher likelihood that your content can convert into a sale. Publish and Market the Content Now that you have your buyer personas and a list of topics related to their specific concerns, it’s time to work on an editorial calendar. Find the best days to publish your content when that target buyer persona is most active online. Don’t be afraid to reiterate the same themes in your content. If anything, this only goes to show consistency in your branding and how you want to position your dealership in the market. For instance, you may opt to rewrite a full-length article to several shorter pieces for posting on your social media platforms, or you may even turn them into infographics. Choose what’s best for the particular platform and start publishing. You may also want to give the reader the option to convert these into downloadable PDFs that they can send to their friends. Just make sure that your dealership name, logo, contact, and other pertinent information are included. P a g e 2 | 3

    3. Too many auto dealerships barrel forward with their content marketing and have no exact strategy. Their plan seems to be, “I’ll write a bunch of content and then wait for people to find it.” Unfortunately, simply adding more content to the Internet won’t win you the buyers you want. A digital marketing agency that specializes in auto dealer online marketing should be able to help you craft great content that will convert into sales. About DealerRank: DealerRank employs experienced auto online marketers with a knack for writing content that your potential clients will find useful and engaging, helping you make a sale. We provide a range of effective marketing packages and customized campaigns. In doing so, we have helped many top auto dealers boost their website traffic and close deals. Sources: 20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas [Free Template], How to do Keyword Research the Smart Way: Targeting Interest and Intent, P a g e 3 | 3