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Top 5 Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot also offers high speed wireless internet access to the user. It is quite beneficial to host Wi-Fi spot in any type of business to entice the attention of customers. For more details visit: http://www.datavoiz.com/<br>

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Top 5 Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotspot

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  1. Top 5 Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotspot Nowadays, there has been tremendous increase in Wi-Fi hotspots over last few years. Wi-Fi hotspot is a wireless LAN node that provides Internet connection and virtual private access from a particular location. Hotspots are quite popular in public places such as hotels, airports and coffee shops as they provide free internet access to the customers. With the help of hotspot, you can easily access the internet using laptops and other devices from any location. There are numerous advantages of Wi- Fi hotspot. Let’s take a look at few of them. Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotspot Reliable & High Speed Wi-Fi hotspot also offers high speed wireless internet access to the user. In a wired network, the internet connectivity gets disrupted by extreme weather conditions. But in wired network, user get fast and reliable internet connectivity as everything is wireless. Good for Marketing A free hotspot is a great marketing tool as you can easily attract the attention of user by informing them that they can use free internet in your company, hotel or restaurant premises. Free Wi-Fi spot is also

  2. quite beneficial from business point of view. If a hotel or company is giving free Wi-Fi spot then customers are likely to stay in these hotels to get free internet services. Affordable When a company or hotel installs a Wi-Fi hotspot then they have to spend only small amount on routers and other installation devices. Wi-Fi hotspots do not need running cables and complex wiring for installing hotspot devices. Wide Coverage Wi-Fi hotspot provides a wide range of coverage to the user. You can connect your mobile, laptops and computer to the internet and access internet from other location if you are under the range of Wi-Fi spot. Connect Multiple Devices In Wi-Fi hotspot, customers can connect multiple devices such as laptops, PCs, mobiles to the internet simultaneously. Users just have to enter the login credentials to connect their devices to the internet.

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