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David Eghbali Leadership Tips Part One PowerPoint Presentation
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David Eghbali Leadership Tips Part One

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David Eghbali Leadership Tips Part One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Eghbali Leadership Tips Part One

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  1. David Eghbali Leadership Tips Part One #davideghbali #davideghbalileadershiptips I think if you were to ask David Eghbali if g?eat leade?s a?e ?o?? o? ??ed, he’d tell ?ou ??oth.? Good leade?ship ?ualities a?e?’t just a?out ?atu?al t?aits a pe?so? ??i?gs to the ta?le, the? a?e also about learning behaviors that make that person someone that inspires people to follow them. David Eghbali leadership tips pinpoints 10 different traits that have made him successful, a?d that ?a? ?e e?ulated to ?ake othe?s su??essful too. E?e? if I ha?e?’t ?ee? ?lessed with these traits, they are easy enough to start cultivating in my life today. They are: #NakedHonesty David Eghbali believes in transparency and honesty because it builds good relationships. Forbes lists honesty as a primary trait of exceptional leaders, but that honesty has to extend past our employees to our customers as well. People need to trust their leaders, and being honest with me and others is one way to set the standard for how I expect others to behave, whether they are part of my team or a customer. #ClearCommunication Without clear communication, projects get derailed and negotiations go awry. David Eghbali preaches that clear communication is essential in any good business

  2. environment. e?plai?s ho? ?o? it’s i?portant for leaders to communicate in many different ways, whether it is to deliver bad news to employees or stockholders or to elucidate a new company vision to stockholders. It can require some tact and e?path? too. It’s also i?po?ta?t i? ?aki?g su?e e?e??one knows what their part is in any business dealing. #BalancedEgo In the past, leaders led by pure force of will and their status in a chain of authority. However, David Eghbali understands that this is an outdated view of leadership that no longer holds as much importance in a global marketplace, where workers, customers, stockholders, and divisions are spread so far apart. Instead of forcing someone to comply with company edicts, it’s ?o?e i?po?ta?t to i?flue??e people to take the a?tio?s ?ou ?a?t the? to take, without ?ei?g do?i?ated o? pulli?g ?a?k. This ?a? help g?o? a leade?’s ?et?o?ki?g ?o??e?tio?s a?d expand their influence to other spheres as well. A leader that has a balanced ego will also exhibit traits like magnanimity, humility, and a sense of humor, according to #PositiveAttitude I k?o? I hate ?o?ki?g ?ith ?Negati?e Na??ies? a?d so does Da?id Egh?ali. Ha?i?g a positi?e attitude inspires confidence in team leaders and makes the work environment more pleasant. Clients who come to David Eghbali can expect that positive attitude to shine through, which helps to push past challenges without losing confidence. Read more at: