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David Eghbali Business Strategies - Part One PowerPoint Presentation
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David Eghbali Business Strategies - Part One

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David Eghbali Business Strategies - Part One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Eghbali Business Strategies - Part One

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  1. David Eghbali Business Strategies - Part One #davideghbali #davideghbalibusinessstrategies The goal of David Eghbali’s business strategy article is to give you a structure of negotiating so that you can be successful regardless of your previous business training. I've learned quite a bit from David Eghbali and think his emphasis on clarity should be the main focus during any negotiation. He teaches that you need to get clear on precisely what you're trying to achieve during your negotiation process. Collaboration is the key David Eghbali cautions that although people go into a negotiation knowing exactly what they want, people often shy away from adversarial negotiations because they don't want people to think of them as too demanding or greedy. It's far more productive to think of your negotiations as collaborative problem solving. Financial expert David Eghbali teaches that when you're in the frontlines of a negotiation, you're first looking to solve people's problems. That's why David Eghbali emphasizes using his negotiating skills to give people some of what they want while also securing some benefits that he wants to secure. What are we really aiming for when we negotiate? #GoodDeal

  2. Although most people think that the goal of negotiation is to get an agreement or a deal, this mindset is a bit shortsighted. As David Eghbali preaches, the goal of negotiation is not just to get any deal, but to actually push for a good deal. I try to elicit my alternatives during a negotiation in case we can't reach an agreement. If my alternative is a fairly decent option, this gives me more leverage to push for a better deal. I should always know my reservation price. #ReservationPrice The reservation price is the price point at which I am indifferent to agreeing to terms and opting for my best alternative. Once I started negotiating with my reservation price in mind, I could more clearly see what it would take to budge me towards accepting their offer. I always go into a negotiation situation prepared with my reservation price. David Eghbali regularly uses a great strategy of ?o?i?g poi?ts i? his fa?or ?he? ?egotiators are i?differe?t to the outco?es. That’s what makes David an excellent business negotiator. Read more at: one