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Westchester Assisted living

We offer several informational videos which help you a better understanding of the issues facing families who must deal with estate planning issues. New York is an improved superior Assisted Living ability in Westchester County.

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Westchester Assisted living

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  1. “We Do Not Practice Criminal Law” Presented by : http://parkertrustlaw.com/

  2. WE CAN NOW HANDLE YOUR NEEDS IN FLORIDA • What Happens to Your Assets When You Pass Away? • How Do We Distribute Those Assets? • Do you need a lawyer? – Does a court need to beinvolved? • How to choose an elder Law Attorney? • What happens when you’re Incapacitated? • Who gets to make the decisions on your behalf?

  3. New York Estate Planning Attorney • Our practice is dedicated to helping families • Deal with these difficult and emotional issues • Firmly committed to the belief that proper planning now. • Litigation playing field is not level • Cost of defending lawsuits

  4. New York Asset Protection:1) Protecting our Wealth • Estate planning is not just planning for transfer of our wealth at death • We should plan for our own care • This requires planning for our disability • It also involves planning in case we are sued • If you are successful, you become a target for lawsuits • Our legal system encourages new legal theories allowing for plaintiffs to recover

  5. ESTATE PLANNINGWhat is Estate Planning? • The simple act of writing down a set of instructions as to what you want to happen to yourself and your assets when you’re incapacitated or after you pass away.

  6. ESTATE ADMINISTRATION & PROBATE • When a loved one passes away the assets left behind can only be legally transferred to the beneficiaries in certain ways. • If there is no estate plan, the person dies “intestate”.

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