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Ways to Get the Best Online Data Storage PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways to Get the Best Online Data Storage

Ways to Get the Best Online Data Storage

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Ways to Get the Best Online Data Storage

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  1. Ways to Get the Best Online Data Storage

  2. With the Internet making its presence felt in every aspect of our daily existence, online data storage is something which individuals and businesses are now looking for. Individuals want to shift their data to the cloud which is a network comprising of several remote servers that are interconnected. Earlier, music and movies used to be played from local media like tapes. Now however, audio and video files are streamed across the Internet. People can access such video or audio files from anywhere in the world and can even share these with others.

  3. So, online data storage has revolutionized the way we watch movies or listen to music. They have made it possible for us to access Word documents, files, PDFs and spreadsheets, images etc. no matter where we may be located. Because of the syncing feature offered by online data storage providers, it is possible to access emails and data from smartphones or laptops; you no longer have to be chained to your desk to finish your projects in time. So, businesses which have still not signed up for cloud storage need to reconsider their stance.

  4. How can online data storage benefit you? It is an undeniable fact that when you choose cloud storage you can enjoy complete synchronization with a variety of other devices and apps which makes it easier for you to view or edit your files. This is especially true of businesses where you need other apps and services to be capable of retrieving your files. When you choose cloud based storage, you can also enjoy a wide range of services. Many of these services focus on specialized areas; for instance, Dropbox is popular for file sharing while SpiderOak focuses on security. Google Drive and Apple iCloud offer easy file sharingfeatures and also support device syncing and media-playing.

  5. Most cloud services will also provide some degree of backup solutions which means that data which is uploaded onto the cloud will typically enjoy protection against disk crashes. But all cloud vendors are not going to offer the exact functions and you need to choose a provider which can cater to your business specific needs.

  6. The following are some important things which you should look at when choosing an online data storage provider: • You must not choose free services unless you only need the basic features from cloud storage providers. The advanced features are only made available to clients in paid plans. When you choose free plans, you may get extremely limited storage and in some cases, no storage at all. • You have to consider the security aspect when choosing a cloud storage provider. This is because hackers use highly advanced techniques and at times the so-called strong encryption methods used by providers are not enough to keep them at bay. The biggest threats come from the skilled hackers who are desperate to hack into huge data pools which make these easy targets for the hackers. So, you should look at providers which deploy dual factor authentication systems and one-time passwords through text messages for additional security. • Besides, you must choose a provider which allows for easy file sharing and editing of documents. Real time syncing is another useful feature which lets changes and updates get made in real time. Finally, many providers also offer the rollback feature whereby you can roll back to the original versions of documents that may have got corrupted.