Trust DAC Urine Drug Test.
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Trust DAC Urine Drug Test. It Won't Let You Down - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The results will be ready within hours. If thinking of security and authenticity of the test, you as an employer can contact Drug Abuse Control over the homepage on how.\n\n\n\nFor inquiries don`t hesitate to send us an email @ [email protected] or simply dial (800) 366-5029\n\nsource-

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Trust DAC Urine Drug Test.

It won’t let you down!

Dangers with prohibited drugs
Dangers with Prohibited Drugs

  • The use of illegal Drugs doesn`t have any exception when it comes to its effects. Violence and indifference; be it with a stranger, a friend or even with family members.

Cautious employers
Cautious Employers

  • Who would want violence and danger? When it comes with employment, to avoid potential dangers, employers are meticulous with job applicants as well as employees.


  • Aside from a background check, employers are also looking for a drug test certificate, this may be asked before employment or in the later part when they have seen potential in you.

Drug testing in the workplace
Drug Testing in the Workplace

  • There are many known types of drug test which are requested upon or during employment. One of which would be a Urine Drug Test

Why urine drug test
Why Urine Drug Test?

  • The obvious fact that urine serves as a sample in this drug test, it makes the process painless unlike the use of blood. Also, it gives not just an accurate but instant result.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (800) 366-5029

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