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Pre-employment Drug Testing-prevention of drug abuse PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-employment Drug Testing-prevention of drug abuse

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Pre-employment Drug Testing-prevention of drug abuse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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drug abuse is now a big problem to some countries, including China, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore and many other countries. It is usually the root cause of many problems and crimes in the society, thus many lives are not only affected but often ruined- For inquiries about pre-employment drug testing, email us @ or call (800) 366-5029 Get updated and follow us! Facebook- Twitter- YouTube- source-

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Pre-employment Drug Testing-prevention of drug abuse

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    1. Pre-employment Drug Testing Prevention of Drug Abuse

    2. Medical Purposes For special purposes, although it is prohibited, in the field of medicine it is also being used to cure certain diseases.

    3. Drug Abuse Some people take in drugs not because need it medically but because of anxiety, fear, problems or maybe just out of curiosity.

    4. Effects of Drug abuse Drug abuse has been the leading problem of some countries. abuse could lead to serious problems. Social conflicts, criminal acts, and ruined lives. The consequence of such acts is imprisonment or worst, death penalty.

    5. Kinds of Drugs Mostly these drugs are plant- Based, they are cultivated for money. Marijuana Cocaine Opium

    6. Problems complimentary to Drug abuse Commercial Sex Exploitation Forced Labor Contrabands

    7. Drug Abuse and Poverty Due to Poverty a lot of people engage into drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a very serious crime and you might be sentenced to death penalty in some countries.

    8. Why ispre-employment drug testing essential? People who are into drugs are capable of doing such things because they mentally affected. Through pre-employment drug testing you can prevent things from happening. You will be able to identify if the person is into prohibited drugs and sooner or later guide him into wellness.

    9. Go for the prevention of Drug Abuse • Click here for more details about Pre-employment drug testing • If you have inquiries, email us @ info@drugabusecontrol.comor call (800) 366-5029 • Get updated and follow us!