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How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works PowerPoint Presentation
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How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works

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How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most business owners use the successful completion of pre-employment drug testing. Drug abuse can affect not just the person who is into the illegal drugs but with the entire operation of the company.- If you have inquiries about pre employment drug testing, you can reach us through email @ or simply dial (800) 366-5029 Follow us and get updated Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Source-

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How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works

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Pre employment

Drug Testing



Drug Abuse in the workplace is the cause for certain health and safety hazards.

  • Productivity is also affected.
  • Most establishments are into pre employment drug testing to avoid such chaos

Pre employment drug testing usually utilize urine drug testing

  • Urine specimen will be then sent into laboratories for analysis
  • Blood drug testing is also used by some company
  • Whoever fail the drug test is usually not considered for the application

Pre employment drug testing depends on different kinds of employers

  • It also allows a working environment where employees will be efficient and in good social condition
  • It especially involves workers who are concerned with public welfare

Job applicants are prepared before they are submitted to pre employment drug testing

  • They are asked to visit medical practitioners whose expertise are on drug testing
  • They will be asked for fingerprints etc.
  • This is to avoid falsification of documents during pre employment drug testing

Aside from urine drug test or blood drug test, alcohol drug testing is also available

  • Pre employment drug testing includes 5 panel drug tests which can detect 5 different drugs
  • On the other hand, a 10 panel pre employment drug test can detect up to 10 different kinds of the drugs

Pre employment drug testing

(800) 366-5029

  • Click here for more details about pre employment drug testing
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