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Jobs That Allow Telecommuting PowerPoint Presentation
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Jobs That Allow Telecommuting

Jobs That Allow Telecommuting

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Jobs That Allow Telecommuting

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  1. Jobs That Allow Telecommuting

  2. If you live in a densely populated city, you will probably end up taking an Uber ride with someone that you never expected would be driving Uber. For me, I have had an amateur rapper, a Julia Child impersonator that did catering, a stand-up comedian, a virtuoso shredder guitarist, and more. What I am getting at is that there are a lot of people that have a passion in life that are looking for a second hustle to make some extra cash and a lot of people do not want to leave the house. For those that are not able to leave the house or want to work from somewhere other than an office, telecommuting is a very common way to pick up some extra money. Here are some job ideas for things that allow telecommuting.

  3. Online Tutoring If you are looking for the best web designing tutor in East Lansing, Michigan, you might have a tough time finding someone compared to someone in New York City. The way to go is to look for tutors on the internet, whether it is an online Photoshop tutor, an online web designing tutor, or anything else you would want to learn. The great thing is that neither the tutor nor the student has to leave the comforts of their own home. And most of the tutoring companies that you can work with offer a custom learning portal for you to use their resources and other supplies to help teach the student and craft lessons. The technology has improved enough that you are not stuck staring at a frozen picture very often anymore. It is a great way to pick up extra money because you can take advantage of multiple time zones. Some language tutors have noticed that they can teach English to students online if they open up to other countries. There are tutors in America teaching English to students in China.

  4. Virtual Assistant A lot of the work of an assistant is done on the phone or by email, but that does not require you to be in an office. The only reason you would need to be there is for the immediacy of being with your boss and to help with the office or things in person, but some bosses only need the phones, scheduling, emails, and travel done, which can be done anywhere. Phones can route through Google Voice and everything else can be done via email or messaging online. It is not great if you want to learn from the boss and do what they do one day, but it is efficient if the job is just administrative work.

  5. Freelance Writer This work can depend on your experience level and education level. For journalists, a lot of work is done freelance and virtually, so you can travel and do it wherever. That said, it is mostly that way because you need to move to the story. In other cases, many companies hire writers for SEO content and other written correspondences for the company. Source: