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Spain residence permit

Spanish residence through investment

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Spain residence permit

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  1. Spain European passport

  2. Country preview The country is located on the Iberian peninsula in the Mediterranean. One of the few countries with Atlantic and Mediterraneancoastlines. Capital - Madrid. Official language - Spanish. Religion - Catholicism. Head of state - the president of Spain. King of Spain nominates the president. There are several world top tourist destinations in Spain, including Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia,Seville, Grenada. Launched a program of acquisition of citizenship for investment in October, 2013. Term of receiving residence permit– 2-4 months.

  3. European residence - is Comfort Visa-free travel or simplified procedure for obtaining visas to many countries where visa application with the first passport visa is long and complex. Opportunity to travel without visas to the territory of the Schengen area countries, without limitations to the period of stay. Employment and education Gives the right to live and study in the country of residence and other EU countries Rights and benefits Residence provides the same social benefits as for citizens of country of residence: unemployment benefit, child birth allowance, health care, education and so on, with the exception of political rights. Future citizenship Temporary residence may be prolonged to permanent residence permit. After several yeas you may apply for a citizenship.

  4. Benefits of residence permit in Spain European Passport Spanish passport / Golden Visa of Spain grants full EU citizenship /rights and privileges of EU members, which makes it easy to live and work anywhere in Europe. Spanish passport is ranked the 5th most advantageous in the world. Beneficial taxation rates Reasonable taxes for property and corporate property ownership, and income taxes.Residents over 65 years old are exempt on capital gain tax when selling the property. Perfect for living High standard of living, favorable climate, excellent medicine facilities, high quality products, vivid and relaxing traditional way of life. Freedom of travel Resident of Spain can travel without visas to 165 countries, live and work in any country of Schengen area.

  5. Visa- free mode Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom- unlimited stay New Zealand - without a visa for 3 monthsJapan, SouthKorea - without a visa for 90 days United States - 90 days on arrival from overseas for 2 years

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