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Approach Starting Up A Business Carefully PowerPoint Presentation
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Approach Starting Up A Business Carefully

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Approach Starting Up A Business Carefully - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starting a business is not easy you need to know a lot of information to begin one.

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Approach Starting Up A Business Carefully

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Approach Starting Up

A Business Carefully

by: Dan Cavalli

Business and Money Strategist


When starting up a business you have to keep many things in mind. Do not just focus on the product or the services you are offering (although they are important). You have to make sure all your details are kept in line especially when dealing with licenses and taxes in your municipality.

Research, as always, is a good way to determine how you should approach starting up a business.


The legal entity you are creating is the banner your business will be behind. You have to determine how you are going to represent your business. Different legal

entities offer advantages compared to others. Entities that you can explore are individual proprietorship, partnership, incorporation and limited liability company.

How to Dominate Your Target Market in any Economic Climate:


An individual proprietorship is the form of entity used most often when starting up a business. Capital and partnership are most easily gained in this form. This also leaves you an opportunity to incorporate if your business gets bigger in the future.


A partnership is two or more individual proprietorship companies joining into a stronger, but still private entity. This still offers the same amount of privacy, but it also takes into

account all of the partners' personal assets. It can be a good way to go for a business that is successful, but unable to crest over the next level or the next tax bracket.


Incorporating will allow you further tax breaks and better protect your investment. There is limited liability with your personal assets when using a corporate entity, so if you are to get outside funding or misused

funding you can still be held liable. When you go public you hold less personal liability, but you also lose more control of your company.


Running your business as a corporation will subject you to higher scrutiny from state income tax laws. Also, if your corporation for some reason folds, you will be subjected to a mountain of paper work that may turn out to be more

trouble than the company was to begin with. This will also require the services of an attorney versed in these methods which will hurt you on the way out of the business as well.

Money tips here


When interest rates are high, incorporating your business may be practical to get the money you need to start up a business and run it. When you go public with your corporation you are looking

at more legal paper work that will require an attorney to deal with and an investment company to sell your stock. Bringing the public in on your business venture is not a bad idea, but it will require some flexibility.


When starting up a business, you should keep in mind an LLC, Limited Liability Company. An LLC combines the benefits of a private partnership as well as a corporate entity. It is

simple to form, easy to run, it has tax advantages, personal liability protection, and instant credibility. An LLC allows a person to separate their personal assets from the assets of the business allowing for a greater peace of mind.

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