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Top Ten Successful Websites Developed In PHP PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Ten Successful Websites Developed In PHP

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Top Ten Successful Websites Developed In PHP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The popularity of any website is calculated with the usage of the website per day. And to build a website there are many web development languages,for example, Java, Python, CSS, Ruby, C , C, and PHP are the most used languages.

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d amies technologies
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the popularity of any website is calculated with

The popularity of any website is calculated with the usage of the website per day. And to build a website there are many webdevelopment languages, for example, Java, Python, CSS, Ruby, C++, C, and PHP are the most used languages.

  • Most of the web development companies in India use the most effective, easy and secured language of them all, that is PHP. PHP was introduced to the market in 1995 and for the last 22 years, the language has retained its top position over all the other Languages. The best web design companies in India also use the same for the below-given reasons.
the language has its own sets of pros 1 this

The language has its own sets of pros.

  • 1.    This language is developing rapidly as all the content is developed over the framework.
  • 2.    With the help of framework the security features of the website increases.
  • 3.    It is easier to develop, read, test and maintain throughout the course.
  • Discussing the benefits of the language is important as these are the reasons because of which most used websites of the internet use PHP as their mainframe. So let’s discuss the most used websites on the internet which are developed over PHP.
  • The most used website based on PHP will undoubtedly be given to the application without which 60% of the people cannot eat, drink or sleep, yes it is the truth, Facebook is the most popular app ever built on PHP. With more than 2,879 million unique users Facebook holds the top position on the list of PHPDevelopment.
  • Baidu has crawled all the way from the bottom to the second position of the most used PHP website with more than 1,519 Million unique views per month.
  • To become the most interesting search engine, Yahoo has done everything. Even the home page shows different news, games and lots more and it has indeed helped Yahoo to increase the number of viewers and has reached the third position with 1,149 million unique viewers.
  • With more than 43 million pages and 32 million users, Wikipedia is on the fourth rank with 1,325 million unique views per month.
  • WordPress a website which helps people to get views on their website is on number 5 with263 million unique viewers.
  • The website with cute and amazing pictures is standing heavily on the sixth position with a sum of 178 million unique viewers.
  • Flickr is holding its ground and has maintained a steady 29 million viewers.
mail chimp
  • Mail chimp is working hard and has climbed up two steps and reached the eighth position with 26 million viewers.
  • Digg has completed a successful era and completed a handful era with 6 million viewers.
  • The last but still have more than an average website with 3 million users.
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