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The Necessity of a Baltimore DUI Attorney for Your Court App

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The Necessity of a Baltimore DUI Attorney for Your Court App

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  1. The Necessity of a Baltimore DUI Attorney for Your Court AppearanceIf you have been cited for driving under the influence or been involved in a car accident is it really necessary to have an attorney? You might believe the cost of a Baltimore DUI attorney or Baltimore car accident lawyer is unjustified in your case, but it only takes one minor mistake to suddenly be in major trouble.Stepping Away from the Event for Greater Success in CourtImagine if you were in an accident on I-83 going through the city and you are completely confident the accident is not your fault. Are you willing to risk your driver’s license and your financial future walking into court to represent yourself? Would you have thought to get sworn statements from other people who observed the accident? Would it have crossed your mind to inquire with the City of Baltimore’s Department of Transportation to see if the accident was captured on camera and recorded? The problem with not using a Baltimore car accident lawyer in this case is your own heart and mind. You are wrapped up emotionally in the event and not aware of all the possible ways to uncover the truth. You do not know the inside proceeding of the courtroom and legal implications of statements you might utter in court. Paying the small fee to have an attorney at your side can save you money, your license, and possibly your freedom.

  2. Knowledge of the System Can Spell the Difference between Freedom and IncarcerationIf your offence is a DUI then it may become even more crucial to have an attorney at your side. This will be true whether you believe your offence is valid or not. A Baltimore DUI attorney can aid you in entering into a deferred sentencing program or diversion program. This can help you avoid the DUI from even showing up on your record if you complete the required classes and recommendations of the court.Not knowing your rights is the biggest issue facing persons who enter the court to represent themselves. In just one exasperating moment you can make a statement which destroys your chances of winning the case or receiving a reduced penalty. A lawyer who is familiar with all of the options, the judge ruling over the case, and the specifics of your case can make recommendations you would have never dreamed were possible. An Investment in Freedom Not A Race to SavingsHow should you go about choosing the best attorney for your case? Usually the best way is to listen to the referrals of other people who have been in similar situations. If you do not know anyone, then review any client testimonials from offered on the attorney’s website. You will discover the price of Baltimore car accident lawyer varies dramatically. Keep in mind, a low priced lawyer is normally lower priced for a reason. Sometimes the best bargain is to pay a little higher rate and get the best attorney possible.You will find the same situation is true when doing research for a Baltimore DUI attorney. Do not base your choice on price, but on how effective the attorney has been in the past. Their fee will seem very minimal compared to the long-term cost of fines, imprisonment, and loss of your drivers license.

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