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The #1 Dentist in Castle Hills of Lewisville, The Colony, Frisco, & Carrollton, TX. We know anxiety and fear are the #1 concerns for all patients. We strive every day to minimize any discomfort or pain, and bring you gentle, dental care for the entire family. Dr. Daniel and his staff at our Castle Hills dental office are passionate about the art of dentistry, and genuinely care about the health and well being of teeth and gums.\n

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D. Dental

Making Texas Smiles Even Better!

Call Today:


Contact us:

 Whatever your needs, there is an entire range of dental care

services available at D. Dental.

The very first visit at a dental facility establishes the

foundation of lasting dentist-patient relationship. Our team

at D. Dental is dedicated to working together to provide the

utmost level of patient care.

 When a patient is well-prepared for their first appointment,

it helps ensures that the dentist has, at hand, all the relevant

information necessary to provide the highest quality of care


We, at D. Dental suggest that patients educate themselves

on their symptoms before they step inside a dental clinic.

You can do so by browsing through and reviewing the

information available on this website.

 Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first visit to

D. Dental to complete any necessary paperwork.

 Porcelain Crowns

 Tooth-Colored Fillings

 Dental Bridges

 Inlays and Onlays

It’s no secret that a smile is one of the most important features on one’s

face. A smile not only creates an immediate visual impact on the people

one meets, but a bright and beautiful smile gives anyone who’s looking,

an impression of radiance, health, and youth.

As important as an individual’s smile is, it is unfortunate that there are

many who are unsatisfied, and even disappointed with their own for a

variety of reasons. Teeth may be stained or tainted due to age, eating, and

smoking habits, because of use or abuse of various medications,

chemicals, or drugs, as well as trauma or even excessive digestion of

mineral fluoride. However, they don’t need to be. Thanks to the

technological advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry, a

procedure called Teeth Whitening has effectively enhanced and restored

hundreds of thousands of smiles across the globe.

Teeth Whitening is a commonly used procedure, which lightens and

brightens the natural dentition. There are a number of options for teeth

whitening which may be used to restore the luster of dull, diminished,

and discolored teeth.

There are a number of ways and types of Teeth Whitening; however, they are not

equally effective. There are over the counter teeth whitening methods which involve the

use of whitening products easily available in the market. These toothpastes, whitening

mouth rinses, pre-made whitening trays, strips or whitening gels require no dental

prescriptions and can be done at home. It should be noted though, that these methods

are rarely effective. Moreover, incorrectly used, these products are also known to have

caused significant damage to the dentition and surrounding structures.

Another way of Teeth Whitening includes the use of professionally prepared, dentist

prescribed, home-whitening kits. Although not as inexpensive as over the counter

products, are far more effective and still affordable. What’s more, because these kits are

designed by professionally trained cosmetic dentists, they have no lasting health risks.

For the most dramatic and significantly obvious results, Teeth Whitening procedures

performed by our trained professionals in our office are always given precedence. These

whitening procedures involve the use of high concentration bleaching components,

carefully applied onto the teeth in a controlled environment to provide the maximum

protection to the patient’s teeth and gums.

Although teeth whitening procedures are relatively safe when performed by trained

cosmetic dentists, some people may find that their teeth become sensitive to cold or hot

sensations following the treatment. In rare cases, there may be some discomfort or the

presence of white patches on the gum-line, however, all these symptoms are fleeting and

are known to last only a few days. If you are someone who is dissatisfied with their

smile in the Lewisville, TX area, and are looking for lasting whitening results, visit D.

Dental today and let us solve your dental problems.

 Invisalign

 White Fillings

 Scaling & Root Planing

 Wisdom Teeth Removal

 Lip Repositioning – Gummy Smile

 Sedation Dentistry

 Dentures

 Sealants

At D. Dental, we know anxiety and fear are the #1 concerns for all patients. We strive

every day to minimize any discomfort or pain, and bring you gentle, dental care for the

entire family. Dr. Daniel and his staff at our Castle Hills dental office are passionate

about the art of dentistry, and genuinely care about the health and well being of teeth

and gums. D. Dental is not a corporate dental office in Lewisville that will treat you like

a number or use gimmicks to get you in the door. Dr. Daniel offers value, trust, care,

consistency, and passion for dentistry to you as our patient. You never have to worry

about seeing a different dentist for each exam, every time you make an appointment, nor

are you left wondering who is going to care for your teeth next, such as you would at

any dental chain in Lewisville or the surrounding areas. D. Dental is the cornerstone in

providing excellent dentistry in The Colony, a caring attitude, and 100% patient

satisfaction as just a few of our goals. Dr. Daniel is the owner and operating dentist of D.

Dental near Carrollton and strives to educate you on your health, and give you a perfect

smile at an affordable price. Your dental treatment at D. Dental is personally guaranteed

by Dr. Daniel, and you receive a warranty with all dental treatment in his Castle Hills

office. Chain dental offices near The Colony and Lewisville have been known to

abandon their patients after treatment. You will never be abandoned by Dr. Daniel and

our dental office in Lewisville, and you have peace of mind knowing D. Dental is a

permanent fixture in the Lewisville community for years to come. We treat every one of

our dental patients in Castle Hills of Lewisville and surrounding communities like The

Colony, Carrollton, and Frisco like family. D. Dental is truly a new experience in


You should choose D. Dental as your permanent dental solution because

we care, and we are truly passionate about our life’s work. Dr. Daniel is

second to none with his chair side manner, his accomplishments,

proficiency, trustworthiness, & efficiency with your time away from work

and family. Dr. Daniel will not keep you waiting for hours, days, weeks,

or months for dental treatment in Castle Hills. We see all dental

emergencies in Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, and Frisco the same

day. We are great with managing appointments that fit your busy

schedule. Dr. Daniel always goes above and beyond what it takes to be a

great dentist. Dr. Daniel graduated with Honors at The University of

Oklahoma College of Dentistry, one of the best dental schools in the

country. While he was a meticulous, undergraduate honor student, he

was also a college athlete, playing football for Bob Stoops, and won a BIG

XII Championship and National Championship in 2000 for the Oklahoma

Sooners, finishing as the unanimous #1 in all polls. Simply put, this is

why Dr. Daniel is one of the best in Castle Hills of Lewisville, The

Colony, and Carrollton, TX.

Dr. Daniel is constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques in

dentistry by attending many hours of continuing education classes

to reduce pain as much as possible, bring the art of dentistry to

your smile and provide you exceptional dentistry at an affordable

price. Dr. Daniel’s dental office in Castle Hills features state of the

art equipment and cutting edge technology. Dr. Daniel only uses

the highest quality dental materials possible to increase the

longevity of all your dental treatment. D. Dental uses digital

radiographs to minimize your exposure to harmful x-rays. We

also strive to be a metal free dental office in The Colony, which

means no more unsightly crowns made of metal that are dark

around the gum line and can stain your gums permanently. We

do not use ugly, amalgam/mercury/metal fillings that can leak,

crack, and break your teeth over time. Even though the ADA

guidelines suggest that a dentist in Lewisville can use mercury

fillings and are reported as safe for all patients, we do not use

them at D. Dental of Castle Hills.

D. Dental

2650 E. S.H. 121,

The Colony, TX 75056 972-315-6060



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