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Benefits of GPS

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Benefits of GPS

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  1. When I was a child, my mom would drive me to a number of locations, and surprisingly without a GPS.

  2. Some of these locations were just around our house or just a few miles into the city.

  3. This being said, finding the destination was quite easy.

  4. However, other locations were not so close, especially when we would go on vacation.

  5. With it being the 90’s at the time we didn’t have GPS in our vehicle.

  6. I was amazed at how she would find these locations, especially when they were hours away such as Austin, Texas, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  7. I never really imagined how much stress and time she could have saved if we would have the benefits of an GPS or Global Position System.

  8. The most popular benefit in my opinion of having a Global Position System is the time and distance drivers can save when driving to their destination.

  9. Think of all the time rustling through maps that people had to put aside to make sure that got to their destination.

  10. This doesn't include the time to review these maps if they got lost during the way.

  11. The other benefit that saves drivers time and ultimately money is the re-routing feature of many GPS systems.

  12. Consider you are driving to a location, and the route that is the shortest to get there has an accident where traffic is being re-routed by local law enforcement.

  13. If this is a destination in an area that you are unfamiliar with then finding the next best route can be tricky.

  14. However, with a GPS the next best route is located saving driver’s time and miles on their vehicle.

  15. There are a few financial benefits to owning a Global Position System.

  16. The first is that the less distance a driver has to drive to get from point A to point B means that less amount of gas that is being used, and thus fewer trips to the gas station have to be made.

  17. Another benefit is that a high number of GPS system can be updated to include current gas prices of nearby gas stations.

  18. This could end up being a huge savings, especially if the driver has an almost empty tank and needs to fill up.

  19. Also, the cost of a number of GPS system is relatively inexpensive, so consumers are not forced to sacrifice an arm or leg to acquire one.

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