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On Cyber Security Awareness Training - Cyraatek PowerPoint Presentation
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On Cyber Security Awareness Training - Cyraatek

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On Cyber Security Awareness Training - Cyraatek - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Just getting antivirus programs for the business computers alone isn’t enough to ensure a 360-degree safety of your digital data. One of the few ways that drive up the security status of business is cyber security awareness training.

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On Cyber Security Awareness Training

Just getting antivirus programs for the business computers alone isn’t enough to ensure a 360-degree

safety of your digital data. You need something to optimise the vigilance of the software in use. One of

the few ways that drive up the security status of business is cyber security awareness training. Just as

rules are but pointless if there is no one to enforce it, your investment in security tools is inconsequential

if your employees are not trained to use them. In cybersecurity awareness training, the staff members

are taught to watch out for phishing attempts and cyber threats that very often miss the untrained eye.

Without constant vigilance of the users, the protective software cannot perform optimally.

Why Take Up Security Awareness Training

Companies require a new approach to get their employees trained to be optimally vigilant about cyber-

bound threats and attacks. This is not so much of a corrective, but a preventive measure. The training

has helped companies to be proactive about a possible threat and eliminate the threats, even before it

enters the system and cause damage. In an organisation where employees are trained to watch out for

cyber threats and detect them by sight and signs, the security gets manifolds more effective.

What Do They Teach in These Training Programs

The syllabus of a GDPR compliance Manchester training program include multiple topics on security and

compliance. Although there are inclusive set courses that are taken by those who do not have an area of

focus, consultants like to prepare syllabi for the client companies depending on their predominant risks

and worries. Typically, they cover some key aspects of security, namely, email security, web security, data

protection, mobile security and such. The idea is to arm the trainees with adequate knowledge to

identify and block a threat as or when it appears. Cybercrime is an organised crime that is nearly as old

as the computers itself. Although all attempts to uproot it have been outplayed so far, it does not mean

that we can let our guards down and suffer the damages. Through these training programs, a business

can teach and train its employees to be more vigilant and effective in its fight against Internet crimes.

Special Focus on Social Engineers and Malware

At this point, there are chiefly two kinds of threats that any ISO 27001 consultant would address in their

training program. The first is malware and the second is social engineering. Malware are particularly

threatening to organisations because of their ransomware style of attacks. From just a nuisance, it has

gone to mature into a legitimate threat to the integrity, availability and confidentiality of business

information. Anti-spam filters are effective only up to a point. They are often undetectable, and far less

preventable. Another more sinister technique often employed by hackers to make unlawful break-in into

people’s computers is social engineering. It is when an attacker gains access to information through

manipulation of human relationships.

About company:

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At Cyraatek we detect and protect organisations from cyber threats. We offer

our clients cybersecurity, penetration testing, IoT security solutions, GDPR compliance,

infrastructure penetration testing, security software and hardware solutions to training on

security essentials.