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  1. Key Things to Avoid with Financial Software Solutions Are you looking into purchasing financial software solutions to use for your investment-based business? You may have a long list of items you want included in the software but all too often we don’t stop and think about those items and things that would be to our benefit to avoid. Financial software solutions such as asset management systems, a compliance management solution are built to perform very specific tasks and because you will be relying on them in a big way you don’t have time to mess around. So let’s take a closer look at some of the key things to avoid when purchasing or signing up for financial software solutions for your business. Clarify the Price When shopping for financial software solutions you will be asking about the pricing of the software. When you ask the price it's important that you are aware of what it includes, if there are additional costs for anything, are there on-site services included in the cost, and of course are there hidden fees of any type. This will prevent some unexpected expenses from happening after the fact. Whilst discussing specifics, you may want to ask if that price is per processor, per employee, per seat, etc. How is the price determined? What if you need Help? As you get to know your new software there will be times where you will need some help. Be sure to ask what the hours are for customer support. Are Updates Included? Updates are just a fact of life with any type of software. Think about how often your smart device needs updating, your laptop, even your smart TV. The asset management systems and compliance management solution will be no different. You’ll want to ask if updates are included, if they are an added fee, how you will be notified when an update is available, and who performs this update. Can the Software Change/Grow/Shrink With You? A business is a dynamic entity in that it goes through changes. Sometimes it goes through periods of growth and expansion, while other times it may be necessary to scale back. It’s important to ask how the software will change with your business. What happens if you need fewer options or more options? What are the steps, timeline, and costs involved? By being aware of a few tips you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your business’ needs. CYMBA Technologies is a one-stop shop when it comes to supplying solutions for businesses when it comes to hedge funds, multi-manager, and asset management. Some of the top investment management institutions turn to CYMBA for help and solutions. The investment management community has been flocking to CYMBA Technologies since it was first developed in 2006. About us: At Cymba Technologies they pioneer exceptional business solutions for managing client’s hedge funds faster and more efficiently. In addition to this they also provide their clients with customised financial software solutions as well. For more information visit: Financial Software Solutions