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Bella Serata Cream L--- Always get rid of old makeup before laying down at night. Use warm water and a

soft washcloth or a solution for taking off makeup. After that, wash your face like normal with your usual routine. Make-up that

isn't removed in the right way can clog up your pores and acne may spring up.Wear sunscreen to keep your skin looking young and

healthy. Sunscreen is important in every season, not just in the summer. The face and hands are particularly vulnerable to skin

damage during the winter months.This is false, as UVA rays are the same strength in the winter too, which requires a sunscreen

made with at least SPF 15 to be used all year. Your skin needs protection from cancer risk and wrinkles too.Eat curry leaf

chutney daily to stave off gray hair. It contains essential nutrients for hair health and will help retain pigmentation in your hair.

You can also put rosemary oil in your hair to keep the color.Caffeine is a culprit in the world of beauty. You can be jittery and

look tired if you getting too much caffeine, and extended overuse can make you look older than you are. Coffee and tea should be

limited to one cup per day. Think about alternatives to your usual drinks, such as green tea or decaf coffee.To keep long nails

strong and

habit of applying

week. This feeds

growth. Use a top

fingernails to

hot water in your

makes your pores

important oils get

washed away by

tepid water, which

your skin soft and

may also save you

bills.Plain old

useful if you have

moves dancing at

roughness of the

oily skin blotter. Just one square should be enough to remove the excess oil from your skin!UVA rays are as powerful in the

wintertime as they are during the summer, so they need to be using a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15, no matter what season

it is. Sunscreen can help keep you protected from skin cancer and wrinkles all year.Makeup artists rely on the power of pink to

draw the eye from problems on the face. It can help detract from blotchiness, puffy eyes and acne.For sparkling eyes, try using eye

drops daily. That way, you can stave off irritation and dryness as well. Eye drops are good for you, especially if you spend a

long time looking at a computer screen. Stash a bottle of eye drops in your desk or purse. You can use them about every four hours

to keep your eyes fresh.



attractive, you should make a

Vaseline to your cuticles every

the nail bed, encouraging nail

coat after painting your

reduce chipping. Don't use

showers and baths. Hot water

open too much, letting

out. Those oils then get

the shower. Stick to warm or

is much better for keeping

hydrated. This beauty tip

money on your utility

toilet paper can be quite

a glow from doing your best

the club! Surprisingly, the

toilet paper makes for a good