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Seeking Part Time Job PowerPoint Presentation
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Seeking Part Time Job

Seeking Part Time Job

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Seeking Part Time Job

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  1. Seeking Part Time Job

  2. Part time job is literally means getting a job with fewer hours and can produce extra income for those people with limited amount of time to work. Most of the part timers are high school and college student, retirees and single parent. Seasonal part time jobs are one of the most common types of part time employment. Summer and holiday jobs such as thanksgiving and Christmas jobs are consider seasonal since they take place during a particular part of the year. This kind of job usually provides temporary employment and only last for few weeks or months.

  3. There are many types of part time jobs that you can choose from such as part time tutor, retailer, tour guide, driver and customer care service. One of the most in demand part time job right now are delivery service since most of the transaction in buying products happens on online. Business owners and retailers finding it hard to deliver the goods to their customer without having the problem to manage their shipping cost.

  4. There are many third party companies offering logistic and delivery services like Postmates, Instacart and Crowd To Go. AgataKłapeć of says "Crowd-sourcing based logistics might soon become a popular delivery option for offline and online shoppers, as the shopping delivery services provided by members of local communities increasingly offer more flexible, faster and less expensive deliveries." Crowd delivery is way more cost effective for those local businesses that want their products delivered on time to their respective customers.

  5. Let’s take crowd to go as an example this company uses crowd source delivery service to deliver a package to customer. Their goal is to solve last mile delivery problem using the crowd. The crowdie is just a normal person scattered across every place or they might be around your neighborhood and they are willing to deliver the package during their free time thus creating a part time to those people who wants some extra cash.

  6. To apply as a crowdie just visit they are open hiring for part time job in Arkansas. They encouraged the local businesses to become their business partner to cut their expenses in delivery services. So if you are looking for part time job and have a time to spare to earn some extra cash for your family or to support your daily needs we encouraged you to become part of their growing organization. Part timers especially teen and students will get practical exposure to working conditions and help them understand the hardship of life ahead. They will surely develop self worth and disciplines it’s also creates craving for success later in life.