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Reinventing Home Delivery Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Reinventing Home Delivery Service

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Reinventing Home Delivery Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution that offers another way of home delivery service, we use crowd sourcing to transport packages immediately.

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Your packages delivered. Guaranteed

Reinventing Home

Delivery Service


Crowd To Go is a reinvented delivery service to help local and small marketers. Their goal is to solve last mile delivery problem from the retailers by the help of a crowd. One of the main target service of this start-up company focus on home delivery service although this delivery service is not new in the market, many local and small businesses are catering this service for more than a decade now. But Crowd To Go wants to improve this area of delivery system since the needs are also evolving. Consumer wants fast, reliable and cost-effective delivery service that can be done in most convenient way.


The demand for home delivery service for goods such as foods and groceries are very popular now a day. This kind of service are very popular for parent with children, professional that are very busy and for most of the senior citizens since they don’t have the luxury of the time to go to super market or grocery store.  Most of the start-up company offering this kind of service use online application to provide the consumer the power to shop online and choose their desire product, while the company chooses a vetted employee to do the transaction and deliver the goods to the consumer. For an extra charge this type of clients are willing to pay to save their precious time rather than spend it to go in grocery store.


For Crowd To Go they are tying up with small and local businesses as their third-party option for their delivery service. They want to help a small retailer who doesn't have a delivery system, but operates off site and on site business. Since buying products and merchandize are happening online small marketers need to compete in big companies to leverage the power of internet.  Local marketers don't have to worry employee’s payroll, maintenance cost, fuel payment and late deliveries by using Crowd To Go. For merchant looking to upgrade their delivery service in Arkansas please visit


Crowd To Go is a crowd based delivery system, it uses the power of crowd to make home delivery service. Crowdie is the term they use for person delivering the goods to prospective clients. Age 18 and up who wants some extra cash on their free time can apply to be a crowdie. They can be college student, single parents or a young professional that loves to have a part-time job.  For more info on how to apply to become a crowdie please visit