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Emerging Delivery Service Using Crowd Based PowerPoint Presentation
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Emerging Delivery Service Using Crowd Based

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Emerging Delivery Service Using Crowd Based - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution, wherein we have plenty of people that are scattered anywhere, thus, it provides immediate response to business' delivery queries, and also through crowd sourcing, we make it possible to reach out more customers.

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Emerging Delivery Service Using Crowd Based

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Your packages delivered. Guaranteed.

Emerging Delivery Service

Using Crowd Based


Crowd sourced delivery service is the new emerging market in delivery system, especially for online businesses. Based on  crowd sourcing is a $375 million industry. Meeting the demand of their valued customer for same day and local delivery has become the challenge of many small and local retailers. That`s why crowd shipping is one of best alternative way to level the playing fields in delivery system since most of the small marketers can’t compete with big brand like Amazon and Google. 


Crowd shipping services could delivery anything from Starbucks coffee to any grocery items. Consumer will have the opportunity for same day delivery process from business owner, using apps or eCommerce sites. Retail owners then will have to find a match or a person from a pool of crowd that can be suited for delivery service based on delivery area and the package needs. The person who will deliver the package must have their mode of transportation varies from car, trucks, motorcycle or even bicycle. This will become their part time job and earn extra cash for services they made.


Because of the board possibility of crowd sourced delivery many start-up company are partnering with local marketers that needs delivery system.  Since most of business transaction happens online merchandiser are looking for ways to speed up their delivery service. One of the advantage of this many start-up compares to other big brand is they offer affordable yet fast delivery service.  Small and medium enterprises will now have the ability to challenge big brand and gain share on online market, since they won’t have to worry employee’s payroll, warehouse maintenance cost, fuel and late deliveries.


Crowd To Go is one of those start up venturing in crowd sourced delivery service, their goal is to solve last mile delivery problem from the retailers. They are partnering with small and local businesses vary from drug store, restaurant and local markets.  With the use of vetted crowd, crowd to go wants to achieve fast and guaranteed delivery service. The crowd a.k.a. crowdie is just an average Joe that’s have a smart phone and willing to deliver a certain package. Once there a package that needs to be delivered Crowd  To Go will notify the crowdie and first one to reply will be the one to deliver the package using their own bicycle, car, motorcycle or scooter.