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Five Amazing Facts About Dental Braves PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Amazing Facts About Dental Braves

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Five Amazing Facts About Dental Braves

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Five Amazing Facts About Dental Braves

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  1. 5 Amazing Facts About Braces By Dr. Micheal Fife Craftsman Dental Care Address: 1801 Professional Drive, Sacramento, CA, 95825. Ph.No: 916-974-1160 www.craftsmandentalcare.com

  2. Introduction: A dental brace is a device used in orthodontics that straightens and aligns teeth and helps position them with regards to a person bite and fix gaps in between the teeth. The overall process of a dental brace is simple: you get them, you put it on by a reputable orthodontist, you get them taken off and then wear a retainer. Braces are a standard way of straightening and aligning your teeth, and it has lots of amazing facts you may not know!

  3. Fact 1: Braces are about 300 years old French physician 'Pierre Fauchard' credited as being the "father of modern dentistry" He is famously known for writing the first complete scientific description of dentistry by the name "The Surgeon Dentist" and made first set of braces in 1728.

  4. Pierre Fauchard - Father Of Modern Dentistry

  5. Statue of 'Pierre Fauchard' in Oklahoma City

  6. Book Print of “The Surgeon Dentist”

  7. Fact 2:The wire used for braces was invented by NASA. NASA created a heat-resistant metal alloy called as nickel titanium in 1959 for space-bound shuttles. It was also perfect to attached to a wearer's teeth because it was made of thin, flexible wires that could maintain their shape after being bent.

  8. FACT 3:Braces are used for many health problems Braces aren't just for straightening your teeth. They also alleviate an array of health problems, including: 1. Difficulty in Speaking. 2. Breathing issues. 3. Problems in chewing and swallowing.

  9. FACT 4:Orthodontics is a dentist All orthodontics is actually a dentist who specializes in prevention and treatment of oral health and teeth irregularities. Dentist after completing there dental school choose to complete an orthodontics program for an addition of two or three years.

  10. FACT 5:Some myth about braces Here are some busted myths about dental braces you might be relieved to hear: 1. You can play sports 2. Braces are not magnetic 3. Braces do not interfere with radio signals 4. You can play musical instruments ones that use your mouth.

  11. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our “Amazing Facts About Dental Braces”. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at 916-974-1160 or visit our site: http://www.craftsmandentalcare.com