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The beautiful cheongsams for modern women


Traditionalism and modernism may be at the two ends of the spectrum. But the modern woman of

today does not forget her roots, culture and traditions. She embraces the traditional culture and

modernism with élan.

Through the years the traditional outfits for women have undergone many changes, sometimes to

suit to the changing needs of the women or at times because of the influence of the more

fashionable western culture. However the change may be, but some outfits like the beautiful

Wedding Cheongsam have still managed to retain their traditional charm, despite the changes that

it has undergone, over the years.

The beautiful cheongsams for modern women

Read on to explore what defines the modern woman, the history of the oriental cheongsam, how the

wedding dresses of a particular region reflect upon the culture and a take on the humble cheongsam,

which has become a modern symbol of traditional culture.

What defines a Modern Woman?

By the 20th and 21st century, thanks to the profound influence of yesteryears, the new modern

woman with her feminist ideals had made her mark. The modern woman has emerged, breaking

from a male dominated society. The modern woman is sometimes seen as embracing a new culture

which is significantly away from the home culture. The modern woman stands up as an iconic

figure and she fulfils all her roles with ease. She is rooted to her traditions and at the same time,


The beautiful cheongsams for modern women

Influence of cultures and traditions on the outfits for women:

It is a fact that every tradition has a great influence on the outfits worn by people across. The

humble Cheongsam, the traditional Chinese wedding dress is also one such outfit. Chinese brides

The beautiful cheongsams for modern women

always get married in the quintessential Cheongsam or the modern Qipao. The entire design of this

outfit is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and traditions. The Cheongsams are made in silk or satin

brocade or even linen. The Wedding Cheongsam is woven in deep red and white colours with very

intricate and antique embroidery patterns, depicting the ancient Chinese heritage and culture. The

dragon and phoenix designs are predominantly seen woven all across the dress. It is a depiction of

the vibrant Chinese culture. In Chinese traditions and customs, certain colours like black, grey and

blue are avoided as they are associated with sorrow. Colours like red and white are the most

preferred as they are associated with love, prosperity and purity. The embroidery is done is gold and

the edges of the wedding dress are also gold trimmed. The base colour is always kept red as it

symbolises luck and prosperity. The Cheongsams are done very ornately and delicately. Here the

influence of the ancient Chinese culture is so clearly seen on the outfits worn by women.

The beautiful cheongsams for modern women

History of the Oriental Cheongsam: modern Qipao. The entire design of this

The Oriental Wedding Cheongsam is a traditional dress that has its origins from the Manchu

nationality of China. It first made its appearance during the Qing Dynasty. The Manchu women

wore loosely fitted one piece dress called as the Qipao or the cheongsam.

This dress worn by the women underwent significant changes over the years. From being a loosely

fitted dress, it emerged as a figure accentuating dress, a clear indication of the western influence and

the influence of changing fashion trends. By the 1920’s the old fashioned Qipao was slowly being

replaced by the more modern versions of the Cheongsam, with variations in the design element like

having no collar, short length, sleeveless or even bell sleeves. Traditional cheongsams are known

for their mandarin collar, side slits, knotted buttons and an overall tailored fit.

Cheongsams and the modern business woman:

Of late, many diplomats and business women are seen wearing the Cheongsam, a symbol of

traditional culture in a modern society. There is an elegant charm to this beautiful dress worn by