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International Special Needs-Cozy Dozee

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International Special Needs-Cozy Dozee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cozy Dozee maintains a comfortable position of the head on the neck when asleep. As such it protects neck ligaments and muscles from prolonged and possibly damaging stretching, and neck joints from persistent compression. I congratulate Leanne on developing a simple tool that is easy to use, enhances comfort and contributes to musculo-skeletal health.\nVisit Us :

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International Special Needs

Cozy Dozee provides comfort and helps correct your child’s neck alignment for your peace of mind when travelling.


How to Use

Before you drive

After the child is asleep

Make sure the child’s head is in an upright posture.

While holding the clips/strap on the front sides, to prevent opening, gently stretch and slide the front of the Cozy Dozee down and level with the child’s forehead .

The Cozy Dozee should sit around the whole seat, not just the inner head rest. Watch the video above to see how easy it is!

Slide the back half of the Cozy Dozee around the back of the child’s car restraint.

Move it down to catch under the top edge, between the child’s car restraint and the car seat. There is no need to open the clip.

Then leave the front half just resting on top, in the “ready to use” position.


Special Needs Size Guide

The Cozy Dozee head support sizes are based on the car seat, not your child’s age and just like your child, all car seats are different. Please refer to the sizing and important information below to ensure the best fit.


Crash Testing

As you know, many children face head flop issues when sleeping in the car, just like adults do on a plane! The Cozy Dozee helps provide head support and neck stability which improves comfort, sleep quality (no more jerking) and helps realign necks, which Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths love!


Product Innovation

The Cozy Dozee head support was not developed specifically for additional needs children, however, because of the obvious benefits, many special needs families are being directed our way.


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