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Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding - Roselyn Court Essendon PowerPoint Presentation
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Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding - Roselyn Court Essendon

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Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding - Roselyn Court Essendon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many couples are opting for a garden wedding these days. Learn how to plan the perfect ceremony with help from Roselyn Court Reception Centre.

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Plan the Perfect Garden

Wedding - Roselyn

Court Essendon

Planning the Perfect Garden Wedding with Roselyn Court:

More and more couples are opting for garden ceremonies these days. They’re

conducive to a more relaxed atmosphere, while the picturesque backdrops make for

some stunning wedding photography opportunities. Like any wedding, though, it’s

important to plan a garden ceremony just as meticulously as you would for an indoor

venue – perhaps even more so. Roselyn Court Reception Centre offers some

suggestions to help you organise the perfect garden wedding.

Timing is Everything:

If you want to take advantage of the beauty of a garden wedding, it makes sense to

book it for when gardens typically look their best, which is in spring. Timing is

everything – if you organise the ceremony too close to the changeover from winter to

spring, there’s a greater likelihood of rain, but you also don’t want to wait too long

and have your wedding fall on what might turn out to be the hottest day of the year. If

either extreme occurs, or even if they don’t, it’s always wise to have a Plan B in


The Plan B:

So you’ve planned your wedding day, and as it turns out, it is pouring with rain. As

beautiful as the setting might be and as much as the guests might want to share in

your special day, they’re not going to be happy standing in the rain (or at the opposite

extreme, in searing heat). An alternative plan is always essential, whether it’s erecting

a marquee in the garden that can accommodate you and your guests, or hiring a room

if the garden is on private property like at Roselyn Court.

The Basics:

It’s crucial to have the basic requirements organised as well. This includes things like

sufficient seating (with a suitable standing area at the back if there aren’t enough

seats to go around), car parking that won’t require the guests to walk too far, and

sufficient water and shelter to counteract the weather conditions of the day.

Roselyn Court in Essendon not only has majestic reception rooms but also boasts

numerous acres of beautiful gardens that are perfect for wedding ceremonies. Contact

us today to learn more or book a tour at: