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Cosmos CRM Features PowerPoint Presentation
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Cosmos CRM Features

Cosmos CRM Features

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Cosmos CRM Features

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  1. CosmosCRM Features

  2. Activity management software With the activity management module you can create notes, schedule meetings and calls, and list tasks. Then share them with your team and collaborate in real-time so that everyone always stays up-to-date. Source

  3. CRM Admin Cosmos CRM allows administrators to easily manage accounts. Security can be managed by changing, validating, or recovering user passwords from the admin module. It provides full control over the levels of access each user has to the data. Permissions as well as roles of each user can be assigned and updated individually in a matter of clicks to keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing business. Source

  4. Contact management An intuitive interface that enables you to work effortlessly. Avoid laborious data entry by pulling contacts from LinkedIn and Facebook. Assign contacts to users. Attach activities or add notes to them. And view all the detailed information of the contact in a single-page streamlined format in our CosmicView Source

  5. CRM Dashboard Choose what you want to be displayed where and how, while removing unneeded information. Generate reports yourself or see results at a glance with a variety of built-in reports. Track your activities and monitor your sales. With Cosmos, you make your dashboard, just the way you want it. Source

  6. CRM with Email integration Integrate your e-mail to ease communication within as well as outside the business. It avoids the hassle of constantly changing windows, and also allows your CRM to entwine seamlessly with the daily tasks in your business. Experience the same convenient mode of communication in a better package. Source

  7. Sales CRM Seamlessly track your leads and sales. Monitor and update leads from start to finish, all the while keeping it accessible to team members for real-time updates. The interface combines list and detail views and presents them to you in a recognizable, easily comprehendible email format. Source