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Content tips for your next internal company conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Content tips for your next internal company conference

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Content tips for your next internal company conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Content tips for your next internal company conference

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  1. Corporate Events Topic Content tips for your next internal company conference IE August 2016

  2. There are many benefits in staging a regular company conference for your own staff, but… • What should the conference feature? • What content will provide the delegates ‘your staff’ with a valuable learning and developmental experience? • Here are 7 content tips • for your next • company conference

  3. 1. Welcome from the leader •   An invigorating way to set the scene for the conference ahead • An opportunity to reinforce the vision and values of the company as well as the value of all the people in the company • A scene-setter to introduce the topic or theme of the conference and the desired outcomes so everyone has a clear focus

  4. 2. Guest speaker • Creates another way for the delegates to engage with the topic • Do your research on appropriate experts in the subject matter and their suitability as engaging presenters • A guest speaker comes with a fresh perspective on the topic to reinvigorate your audience

  5. 3. Inclusive forum • Someone talking for hours on end can make it difficult to concentrate and absorb the material • Vary the format and include some participatory sessions • A purpose of company conferences is to involve your people in the future of the company, so plan some sessions to create discussion and ideas on the topic area

  6. 4. Corporate training workshop • Use the time when your team is together to give them professional development in groups which in turn can bring cost efficiencies • Some corporate training workshops are great to not only develop the personal attributes of your team and leaders, but also how to structure and empower cohesive and high performing teams

  7. 5. Team building exercise • To provide variety and keep your delegates energised and focused, it can be beneficial to incorporate team building activities • These can reinforce the theme of the conference and get your people communicating and interacting whilst also having fun • Team building is all about understanding, appreciating, maximising and developing the people you work with, and are great to boost team culture within the organisation

  8. 6. Technology integration • Technology plays an important part of our work and personal lives, so why not harness this within your company conference • It’s a great way to engage your people and provide some options in how they can contribute rather than just verbally • Live polling and electronic surveys are useful platforms to attain immediate feedback and results

  9. 7. Reinforce the conference theme • Provide some visual reminders of the conference that your delegates can take with them to their everyday workplace i.e. a framed photo or a themed gift • Provide some additional learning or developmental resources that your staff can access back in the office • Some regular communication on a topic from the conference can also complement the results achieved at the event

  10. Find out more about conferences with content… Australia conference@corporatechallenge.com.au corporatechallenge.com.au facebook.com/CorporateChallengeAustralia twitter.com/CorpChallenge1 New Zealand conference@corpchallenge.co.nz corpchallenge.co.nz facebook.com/CorporateChallengeNZ twitter.com/CorpChallengeNZ