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A Guide To The Prettiest New In Lingerie PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide To The Prettiest New In Lingerie

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A Guide To The Prettiest New In Lingerie - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide To The Prettiest New In Lingerie

You change your clothes every season but do you change your lingerie? If not, you’re missing out as buying the right lingerie will make your clothes look better, helping to sculpt your body and boost your curves to improve your shape.

What’s more, the new in plus size lingerie comes in a variety of colours that weren’t available last season. There are some lovely new styles embellished with lace and embroidery to help you look and feel fabulous. Or find shape control underwear designed for the area you need it most with shape control knickers, waist cinchers and slips.

This season, look out for:


Purple suits both light and dark skin tones and this Autumn it takes on a fresh twist with light purple and mauve colours as opposed to deep purple, which is more suited to Winter. Look out for lace bras, cotton bras and lace knickers in this fresh shade.


Black and white lingerie is getting more interesting this Autumn thanks to a new lovely lacy touch. Look out for floral lace bras, stripe bras with lace trims, support bras with lace detail, lace knickers, and lace shorts. Lace is an easy way to add a feminine touch to your lingerie draw – less scary than experimenting with new colours or prints


Embroidered lingerie always looks spectacular and this Autumn we’ve seen some lovely black lingerie embellished with purple – Autumn’s fresh new colour. Lingerie embellished with floral designs also look lovely, such as a black bra embroidered with white and pink flowers. Matching an embroidered bra with embroidered knickers should make you look and feel super special as it boosts your confidence when you feel good in your underwear.


White used to be the traditional colour for everyday cotton underwear but this season it’s time to try pink. You can get briefs in packs of three, featuring different shades of pink from light to mid to dark. Or have some fun with pink polka dot briefs or slogan knickers with words like Love. Think pink!

Shape Control

After the indulgences of the holiday season, shape wear is popular in Autumn. New styles feature lace embellishment, so you won’t be embarrassed about having them in your lingerie draw. Alternatively a shape control slip dress looks like a regular slip but with hidden support.

Plus size lingerie