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A Guide To Summer Sales Shopping PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide To Summer Sales Shopping

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A Guide To Summer Sales Shopping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide To Summer Sales Shopping

If there’s one thing we like almost as much as the sun it’s the start of the summer sales – it’s bargain hunting time! There are savings to be had in the shops and it’s time to sniff them down and stock up on things that will last us all year. To enhance the chances of this – and to resist the temptation to buy something just because it’s cheap – it’s vital to plan in advance before we go summer sales shopping.

Remember, we’re not really saving anything if we buy an item of clothing in the summer sales and only wear it once. No matter if it’s 50% off or 10% off, let’s ask ourselves questions like ‘Would I have bought this at full price?’

Here are our top 5 tips for saving money in the summer sales

(1) Write A List

Before heading into town to start your shopping make a list of potential things you need. This stops us side tracking and making naughty, unnecessary purchases.

(2) Shop Online

Have a look at bargains online that you can either buy immediately or check out in a store for a closer look. Armed with an idea of what prices are reasonable will help us get the best saving possible. One of the best online sales is at evans with up to 50% off gorgeous clothes. Another benefit of shopping from home is we can put the kettle on whenever we’re tired.

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(3) Know Your Size

There’s no point squeezing yourself into an item of clothing just because it’s cheap but the easy way to avoid this happening is to be sure what size you are. Look online for sizing guides, which convert the measurements of your body into clothing and shoe sizes.

If you get to a store and they don’t have your size then ask the sales assistants if they have another of that size in their stock rooms – the best things are worth hunting for!

(4) Be Conservative

Avoid bold prints and bright colours as this can date an item of clothing. You want tops, dresses and skirts that last you into autumn and winter rather than things that will be thrown to the back of your wardrobe at the end of August. Bootcut leggings, white shirts or tummy control leggings</a> are all classic items that will stay fashionable for ages.

(5) Returns

Make sure at the time of purchase to check what the stores return policy is. Some stores won’t give full refunds on sale goods so make sure you know that before you pay for your summer sales items. It takes the pressure of sales shopping if you know you can return your items if you change your mind when you get home.

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