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The 3 Wastes of Software Development - Cooperative Computing

The 3 Wastes of Software Development - Reasons and Solutions!

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The 3 Wastes of Software Development - Cooperative Computing

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  1. “ The 3 Wastes of Software development”Reasons and Solutions

  2. Waste #1 Work not really “Done”!

  3. Reasons: • Low knowledge, high priority: Not having adequate or ample amount of information about that code and yet prioritizing it high due to the owner’s demand. • Complexity: Not being able to evaluate or analyze the code properly in time.

  4. Dependency on other sources: Depending on other sources or stories that might not be proper. • 11th Hour modification: Modifying the code after getting halfway with your story.

  5. Solutions: • Gather ample information about the code that you are about to use. Little knowledge is too dangerous. • You should know the code that you are using. Take your time to analyze it and understand it.

  6. Refer to reliable sources. Risk can cause failure. • Multi-tasking is a very useful tool. It’ll save your time • First go through your coding so that you’ll not have to stop and modify it all over again after getting that far.

  7. Waste #2 Extra-ordinary Work!

  8. Reasons: • Extra-featuring: Filling up features more than required. • Unclear Goal: Not knowing the true purpose of the product you’re making.

  9. Unknown costumer: Not knowing for whom are you producing whatever you are producing. • Improper Prioritizing: Not being sure of what features are much important or preferring unimportant features over the important ones.

  10. Solutions: • Be well aware of the features and stay on the required task. Unnecessary features will only waste your time and energy. • Know the reason why you’re making, this will help more in focusing on the features.

  11. Be aware of your costumer and target population. It helps you in selecting appropriate features. • When you will be aware of your targeted population and your costumer’s choices then you can easily prioritize the important features.

  12. Waste #3 Procrastination and work Delay

  13. Reason: • Lack of skilled members in the team: When you have less dependable persons in your team, you feel burdened and so start delaying work. • Unaware of the Value of the work: Not knowing the importance of the work and delaying it without caring for the outcomes.

  14. Solution: • It doesn’t matter how many dependable team mates you have, never depend on anyone else. Focus on your target! • Every task is important and should be delivered on time. Plan and work to achieve it rather than procrastinating.

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