11 players most much hated by fans opponents n.
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11 Players Most Much hated by Opponents Fans PowerPoint Presentation
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11 Players Most Much hated by Opponents Fans

11 Players Most Much hated by Opponents Fans

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11 Players Most Much hated by Opponents Fans

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  1. 11 Players Most Much hated by Fans Opponents Sport - Football

  2. Intro Adored by the fans themselves and condemned by fans opponent is a risk of a footballer. But there are some players often become public enemy because of his perceived negatively.

  3. This oblique imagery that continue to cling to the inside of the player below. You will be happy if they played for your club and vice versa, would hate it if they play for a rival club. Here's the list of players with a history of making frequent fans opponent hated.

  4. 1. SamirNasri (Manchester City) Difficult to find reasons why SamirNasri is so hated by fans opponent. His move from Arsenal to Manchester City in 2011 sparked outrage Gunners fans who still refers to him as a player mercenary. While in France, Nasri regarded as arrogant generation of players thanks to the words of discrediting spiciness Les Bleus in the Euro 2012 title last year. Since then, never again recorded Nasri appeared to strengthen Roosters Team

  5. 2. El-HadjiDiouf (Leeds United) El-HadjiDiouf has played in the Premier League for 11 years since joining Liverpool with a price tag of 10 million Pounds in 2002. But Diouf spitting action better known than the achievement in the field. In 2003, Diouf was caught on camera spitting on Celtic fans, which was followed by several other spitting action. Diouf other bad behavior is ever hit teammate's wife, being racist to the ball boy. QPR manager at the time, Neil Warnock said Diouf degrees higher than the sewer rats after insulting striker Jamie Mackie.

  6. 3. Mark van Bommel (PSV) Mark van Bommel Have finished the game without a yellow card? Aggressiveness Bommel is well known in the world of football. Even so, the typical Bommel is a world class player who did not hesitate to sacrifice his reputation for the sake of the team. Bommel might not hesitate to opposing players, but it's all because he has obligations as a defensive midfielder. Seeing it all, Bommel is definitely not the type of player who will get a round of applause from the fans opponent.

  7. 4. Ashley Cole (Chelsea) Ashley Cole is a reliable fullback listed has appeared 100 times with England. But England fans are not too give respect to Cole, it is not as accepted members of the other 100 clubs, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard. There is something do not like by the British public from Cole figure, since the move from Arsenal to Chelsea in 2006. Although not known as a player for cheating or diving often, but Cole still have difficulty in obtaining sympathy by the British public. Cole known as being arrogant and often underestimate opponents, plus more actions are having an affair with Cheryl Tweedy also worsen his image.

  8. 5. Gary Medel (Sevilla) Gary Medel good player if he can keep the attitude for 90 minutes of play on the field. Just as Barton, Medel known for violent action in the field. The most memorable was when players from Chile's kicking a plastic chair in the direction of police officers. During the 2.5-year career at Sevilla, a total of six red cards already collected by Medel.

  9. 6. Sergio Busquets (Barcelona) Busquets actually one of the world's best defensive midfielders. But the action of diving and pretending to injury a little tarnishthis La Masia academy graduate player. The most memorable was when the injury pretend to make Inter Milan midfielder Thiago Motta sent off in the Champions League semi-final match in 2010. What Busquets do may be accepted by the Barca fans, but not with the fans of the opposing team.

  10. 7. Pepe (Real Madrid) Pepe is not just a tough defender for Real Madrid. The action is known often uncompromising managed to mess up opponent mentally. Especially when the tension of the match El Clasico against Barcelona reached the peak in 2011, Pepe have the crucial role to be able to handle the pressure from Barca players. Although sometimes doing things that do not need to like stepping the feet of Messi, or feign injury, Pepe action received a positive response from the fans. Pepe actions sometimes are far from sporty, but not for most fans of Real Madrid.

  11. 8. Joey Barton (Marseille) Joey Barton, his reputation precedes him. Barton often chirp sarcastic post that often affect other players. Not only that, the player attached to the bad boy image this also often involved in violence on the ground. Even the violence against Manchester City in the last game of last season, Barton still have to undergo sanctions 12 times match ban as QPR on loan to Marseille.

  12. 9. Emerson Sheik (Corinthians) Emerson played wherever he could always win the hearts of the fans. Emerson is a player with the ability to increase capabilities of his team. But off the field, Emerson was a problematic players. Currently he is being investigated in the case of money laundering, Emerson also the player who provoke Gary Cahill to sent off in the World Cup last year. If Emerson played for your favorite club, maybe you could have received illegal activities off the field. But for fans of the opposing team, Emerson can be very disturbing.

  13. 10. Luis Suarez (Liverpool) Suarez is a brilliant striker on the pitch, but it could be only admiration for Liverpool supporters. Just like Terry, Suarez has also been involved in incidents of racist remarks to Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra, was sentenced to seven matches. While during play in the Dutch league (Eredivisie), Suarez bites opponent once. Not to mention the handball incident in the 2010 World Cup in the past. You may admire Suarez if he played for your favorite club, but not if you play for a club opponents.

  14. 11. John Terry (Chelsea) "Captain, leaders and legends", the sound of the expanded banner at Stamford Bridge. It was probably in the mind of fans of The Blues. But in some aspects, there are some negative things ever done by the former England captain. As a footballer, no one can deny if Terry is a tough defender. But Terry influence is so strong at Stamford Bridge suspected to be the cause of the sacking of several Chelsea manager. Terry has also been involved in incidents of racist remark to QPR defender, Anton Ferdinand. Meanwhile, off the field, Terry has also been caught having an affair with Wayne Bridge's fiance. You will probably admires Terry if you are a true fan of the Blues.

  15. Done • Maybe you can add your number 12, 13 etc Player you hate the most in football. • Thank you