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ContractSafe LLC

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ContractSafe LLC

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  1. CONTRACTSAFE Find critical documents fast FB YouTube


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  4. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Surprisingly, an increasing number of professional business people admit that they lose track of their contracts and other legal documents. Certainly, some might find this absolutely shocking. Contacts are a very valuable resource for the company. Lost contracts lead to all sorts of problems that are not easily resolved. Losing contracts might lead to misunderstandings with other companies or even violating the contract. Certainly, a business requires a secure and easy way to store and access all their legal documents and contracts. What is the solution? It's very simple. A cloud based system is the absolute best solution. ContractSafe is a cloud based contract management software that will allow you to store all your legal contracts and documents in one safe place. Our Contract Management Software Makes Security High Priority The fact is that security is a high priority with ContractSafe. We use the highest quality and most innovative encryption to keep our client's data safe and secure. We are the perfect solution for the small business or the large corporation that finds it difficult to maintain and access their legal documents. In addition, our strong security measures make it impossible for the wrong person to access your data. Use our speed search feature to find just the right document quickly and seamlessly. Search for documents from anywhere, and at any time. Other features include; -All contracts are safely stored in one convenient place -The ability to email or upload new documents -Easily search and filter documents during the search -Reminders sent to clients -Limit access to contracts by setting permissions for each individual/allowing them to see only what you want. -Unlimited users CONTRACT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Fb YouTube

  5. Contracts are very important and losing them would translate to a big loss for your business. This brings up the need to keep them safe in a place where they have zero chance of disappearing. It is healthy for any business to have all its contracts in a place where they can be easily accessed at any time and any place. Ensuring that your contracts are safe gives you peace of mind and your performance at the work place will be tremendous. ContractSafe is there to ensure you have nothing but the best. ContractSafe makes sure that your contracts are managed in the best way possible and that they are totally safe. You do not have to worry about any contract going missing or missing a deadline. Everything is set up to keep your business running smoothly and perfectly. They are the best solution when it comes to contract management. Contract safe enables you to access your contracts wherever you are in the easiest means possible. The company ensures that time does not catch up with you. They make it as easy as possible and you are able to access your contracts in a very short time. Every process is simple; from uploading your documents to finding them. Uploading has never been easier; you can choose to drag and drop each one of them at a time or do it in bulk. You can also choose to email them to your personal ContractSafe email address. This will definitely save you a lot of time. With ContractSafe, you will be reminded of deadlines so they will never catch you by surprise. The stress of deadlines is something you won’t have to deal with at all. Whether your business is big or small, ContractSafe is the most affordable and secure certified data contract management solution. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT SERVICES If you handle loads of contracts, you can save time and money via contract management services. Through these services, every contract will be easy to retrieve and used as desired. Without wasting time, open ContractSafe and start managing your contracts like a focused professional. Other than making your processes extremely easy, quick and effective, these managers will help you administer all your contractual agreements in a flawless manner. The entire search will be cloud-based, accurate and instant. So, stop wasting time looking for that contract you need. ContractSafe gives you contract speed searching even in scanned documents. Automatic OCR of every document means it’s easy to find the document you need instantly. ContractSafe provides unparalleled contract management services. In a matter of days, your search system will be fully implemented and up and running. Moreover, the system will be browser-based, allowing you to look up a given contract without stress. The search process will be idiot-proof and direct to the point. It will not require any special skills. The entire Fb YouTube

  6. process of contract search, contract drafting, contract negotiation, contract approval and contract renewal will be integrated. The entire dashboard is user-friendly, dynamic and easy to configure from our end. Hence, you will enjoy real-time access to any of your contracts because the ContractSafe uptime guarantee is 100 percent. All your contracts and documents will be fully protected and encrypted. This is your chance to use top-notch contract management services that will never fail you. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT TOOLS Online tools don't always have a straightforward path for charging their customers. The lack of clear direction has led many companies to charge per user instead of coming up with a more comprehensive plan (or set of plans). With contract management, it's not practical to limit the number of people involved in the process. Whether it's to read, edit, or upload we want your entire team to benefit from our contract management tools. That's why Contract Safe allows you to add unlimited users to your account. Besides being difficult to track, paying per user adds up. Contract management is a complicated process involving customers, lawyers, editors, writers, managers, and more. Limiting access to any of them can have serious consequences down the line. Recommended changes may not be incorporated into the system if some people are using it and not others. Emailing documents around is a poor business practice that makes strict version control all but impossible. You may know the version you have and whether or not it's the latest in comparison to all the other versions in your possession, but there's no way to tell if your version is the latest or if you're missing an update. Stop cutting people out of your contract management process who need to participate. ContractSafe allows you to add unlimited users on top of all the other benefits it provides. Each person's location is all but irrelevant because the software suite runs off of Amazon's cloud. User settings are modifiable, allowing you to guarantee no one has more permission than they need. You won't find a better solution than ContractSafe to welcome everyone to the table. Fb YouTube